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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations at Security Council Meeting on the Situation in Afghanistan

2014-06-25 00:14

Mr. President,

I would like to thank Special Representative Kubiš and Executive Director Fedotov for their briefings. China also listened carefully to the statement of Permanent Representative Tanin of Afghanistan.

At present, the situation in Afghanistan is at a critical turning point. China welcomes the holding of the presidential election in Afghanistan in April and commends the Afghan people for their active participation in it. The high voter turnout fully demonstrated the Afghan people’s confidence in a stable political transition. We hope that the presidential election will be a new starting point for Afghanistan towards unity and stability. China acknowledges the efforts of the Afghan Government and the relevant institutions in the election.

We have noted the recent turn of events with respect to the counting of ballots for the second round of presidential elections. We hope that the parties concerned will resolve the pertinent issues appropriately through dialogue. China will respect the choice of the Afghan people. We are confident that a stable and smooth conclusion of the election process will help Afghanistan to embark on the track of peace, stability and development at an early date.

The realization of the rebuilding of peace and durable security in Afghanistan is primarily contingent on the efforts of the Government and the people of Afghanistan, with the vigorous support of the international community. On the basis of full respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, the international community should support the Afghan-led and Afghan-managed process and assist Afghans in their efforts to overcome various challenges encountered in transition and transformation so that they can realize national security and stability sooner.

China is deeply concerned about the unabated civilian casualties as a result of terrorist and violent attacks in Afghanistan. The relevant parties should effectively support the Afghan National Security Forces in assuming their security responsibilities and assist Afghanistan in strengthening its troop and police capacity. We urge the international community to play a positive and constructive role in Afghanistan’s realization of a broad based national reconciliation and support Afghanistan’s High Peace Council in its efforts to press for national reconciliation.

The continued enhancement of Afghanistan’s capacities in economic development is an important basis for its durable security and stability. We hope that the Afghan Government will continue to push for economic and social development, continuously improve people’s livelihoods and enable the entire population to enjoy the dividends of development in all areas and gradually eradicate the security threats of terrorism, drug cultivation and trafficking, and transnational organized crimes. The international community should effectively honour its relevant commitments and strengthen its support for Afghanistan towards the realization of economic development and social progress.

The United Nations, regional organizations and relevant initiatives have played an important role in helping Afghanistan and its region achieve security, stability and development. We support the United Nations in its continued central and coordinating role to help Afghanistan smoothly complete its transition and transformation. We hope that the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan will strengthen its communication and cooperation with the Afghan Government and play its positive role in supporting the Afghan efforts for peace, stability and national rebuilding.

Afghanistan is a good and friendly neighbour of China. China hopes to see a unified, stable, developed and friendly Afghanistan. China resolutely supports Afghanistan in its efforts to maintain national sovereignty and territorial integrity. As an active supporter, participant and facilitator of Afghan peace and rebuilding, China has, over a long period of time, been providing Afghanistan with large amounts of economic and social development assistance, helping build hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructure. In addition, China actively participates in the regional cooperation on Afghanistan and has made its contribution in facilitating Afghanistan’s peace and rebuilding process.

The fourth ministerial meeting of the Istanbul Process will be convened in Tianjin, China, in August. China would like to closely cooperate with Afghanistan and the international community and facilitate the meeting so as to send a clear and positive signal of support for Afghanistan’s political, economic and security transition. China would like to work with the international community in our joint effort to push for Afghanistan’s early realization of durable peace and sustainable development.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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