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Statement by Ambassador Liu Jieyi, Permanent Representative of China to the UN at the 38th Annual Meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Group of 77

2014-09-26 09:56

Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's a pleasure for me to participate, on behalf of my foreign minister Wang Yi, in this important meeting to exchange views on questions of common concern. Over the past year, G77 and China has done a tremendous amount of work in safeguarding the common interest of the developing countries and promoting South-South cooperation. I wish to particularly thank Bolivia as the chairman of the group for its important contribution. I congratulate South Africa on its election as chair for 2015 and welcome South Sudan as the newest member of the G77.

Mr. Chairman,

The international situation continued to undergo complex and profound changes over the past year with multipolarization and economic globalization developing further and the growing of the momentum and space of the development of developing countries, resulting in a more even international balance of power. Confronted with the global challenges of poverty eradication, sustainable development and climate change, countries find their interests more closely interlinked. As a result, they have shown a stronger sense of urgency and political will for the strengthening of international cooperation, and South-South cooperation has also grown in momentum.

At the same time, the challenges of poverty eradication, climate change and sustainable development facing developing countries are compounded by a deterioration of the external development environment, inadequate development financing and lack of development cooperation mechanisms. It is an uphill battle for them to realize the MDGs and the task of formulating the post-2015 development agenda is complex and arduous.

Against this backdrop, it is more necessary than ever for the G77 to strengthen unity and cooperation. Unity means power. Only when we speak with one voice can we realize our aspirations and safeguard our common interest. Seeking common ground while putting aside differences, uniting to enhance self-capacity, and creating a community of destiny, these represent the imperatives for our development. In this connection, I'd like to propose actions in the following areas:

First, cooperate and help each other in creating an enabling international economic environment. We should press forward with the reform of global economic governance and enhance the role of the UN, the GA in particular, in global economic governance. We should establish a fair, equitable, inclusive and orderly international financial system and increase the voice and representation of the developing countries. We should further improve the international rules governing the restructuring of sovereign debt and reduce the debt burden of the developing countries. We should set up a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory international free trade system, oppose any form of protectionism and push forward the Doha round in order to achieve the goal of the "development round" at an early date.

Secondly, unite and increase self-capacity, and play an active role in shaping the post-2015 development agenda. The post-2015 development agenda should be based on the MDGs and take poverty eradication as its core. We must stick to the path of sustainable development and address poverty eradication, which is the most urgent problem facing the developing countries, otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve sustainable development. The post-2015 development agenda should uphold the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities". This principle is the precondition for ensuring fair development opportunities for all countries and is thus in the fundamental interest of the developing countries and the common interest of the international community as a whole. The post-2015 development agenda should respect the path of development chosen by countries themselves, advocate diversification of modes of development, vigorously promote fair and rational global economic governance, focus on means of implementation such as development financing, transfer of technology and capacity building, and promote the establishment of a framework for international development cooperation that is favorable to the developing countries.

Thirdly, work together to respond to climate change through cooperation and collaboration. We should strengthen cooperation in tackling new challenges such as climate change, food security and energy security, uphold the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol as the main channel of operation, adhere to the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities", and push for the reaching in 2015 of a comprehensive and balanced agreement on climate change. We should call on the international community to increase food assistance, raise the productivity of food production, and create enabling international conditions in areas like trade in agricultural products, intellectual property and transfer of technology with a view to achieving global food security. We should also engage in mutually beneficial cooperation, seek multifaceted development and collaborate in safeguarding in an effort to maintain the world's energy security.

Mr. Chairman,

Since China started its reform and opening up, it has achieved remarkable results. Currently, China is the biggest exporter of the world and has the second largest GDP, thus contributing greatly to the advancement of the world's economic growth. However, China's per-capita income only ranks in the 80s in the world and we are only the 101st in the ranking of the UN human development index. With 128 million people still living in poverty and extremely uneven development between urban and rural areas and among different regions, China still faces an uphill battle in achieving development.

China is a developing country and a reliable friend and sincere partner of other developing countries. We will continuously strengthen our unity and cooperation with the Group of 77 and all developing countries.

Mr. Chairman,

China highly values the cooperation mechanism of the Group of 77 and China. We will actively support the work of Bolivia as the current chairman and South Africa as the incoming chairman. We will work together with members of the group to strengthen unity, deepen cooperation and make tireless efforts for the safeguarding of the common interest of the Group of 77.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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