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Statement by Minister-Counsellor LUO Jin of Chinese Mission to the UN at the Second Committee of the 70th Session of the GA under Item 23: "Groups of countries in special situations"

2015-11-10 22:13

Mr. Chairman,

I would like to thank Mr.Gyan Chandra Acharya for his report. China associates itself with the statement made by South Africa on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

With the sluggish growth of the world economy, widening gap between the North and the South, worsening humanitarian crises and frequent occurrence of natural disasters, the already vulnerable least developed countries and landlocked developing countries are suffering from economic downturn and a decrease of external assistance. The Ebola epidemic has yet to be completely stamped out and countries concerned are still struggling with post-epidemic reconstruction. The task of realizing development is indeed arduous. In this connection, I wish to stress the following points:

Firstly, ODA is the most direct and effective support to the LDCs and the LLDCs. We call on the main donors to honor their ODA commitments, reverse the downward trend of ODA resources and increase the portion of their assistance for the LDCs and the LLDCs.

Secondly, the international community should conduct multiple forms of cooperation at the global, regional and national levels and increase support for the LDCs and the LLDCs in all dimensions. Special attention should be given to areas essential to the sustainable development of those countries. Development partners should support initiatives such as establishing technology banks and mechanisms for facilitating scientific innovation and for promoting investment in the LDCs. The international community should also take necessary measures to support the smooth transition of the LDCS that have successfully graduated.

Thirdly, over the five years since the start of the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action, the LDCs have achieved varying degrees of progress in the eight priority areas. However, multiple challenges remain. The upcoming 2016 high-level midterm review conference will conduct a comprehensive review of the implementation of the Programme of Action and China hopes that the implementation can achieve fruitful result and the review conference will identify constraining factors and lessons learned, and come up with appropriate measures for improvement so as to expedite the realization of the grand goal of enabling half of the LDCs to meet the graduation criteria by 2020.

Fourthly, the Vienna Programme of Action reached last year embodies the consensus of the international community of increasing support for the development of the LLDCs. It has reinforced development partnerships and drawn a new blueprint for the development of the LLDCs in the next decade. China is ready to work with all parties to push for the implementation of the initiatives in the six priority areas identified by the Programme of Action.

Mr. Chairman,

China has been a steadfast supporter for the development of the LDCs and the LLDCs, and has been providing help to them to the best of its capability through various channels and in various forms within the framework of South-South cooperation. Recently, during his attendance at the summits on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of our organization, the Chinese president Xi Jinping announced a series of new initiatives, including continued increase of China’s investment in the LDCs and exempting the debt of the outstanding inter-governmental interest free loans due by the end of 2015 owed by relevant LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS. In addition, China will provide 2 million US dollars in cash to the WHO to be used to set up a contingency fund for the purpose of enhancing the capacity of the international community to respond to epidemics and sudden public health incidents.

China stands ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with all parties, do more to support the development of countries in special situations to strive for the realization of goals set in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman

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