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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Briefing on Mali

2021-06-16 09:27

Mr. President, I thank SRSG Wane for his briefing and welcome the representative of Mali to today's meeting. I also listened attentively to the statement by Ms. Maiga as a representative of civil society.

The situation in Mali bears on the security, stability of the Sahel, and even African continent as a whole. A stable, unified, prosperous and progressive Mali is in the common interest of the international community. At present, Mali faces multiple challenges in political, economic, humanitarian, security and other fields. China hopes that the Malian parties will prioritize interests of the country and its people, and unite all Malian people to tackle the challenges together. China has noted the Malian authorities reaffirmed commitment to political transition. We hope that all parties can advance election preparation in earnest, resolve differences through dialogue, and restore constitutional order as soon as possible. China welcomes the reaffirmation of the implementation of the peace and reconciliation agreement by Malian parties, and encourages more progress on restoring state authority, redeployment of armed forces and the northern development zone to lay a solid foundation for the stability and development of Mali. China supports ECOWAS and AU in continuing to play an important role, and supports solving African problems in African ways by African countries.

Central and northern Mali have seen frequent activities of extremist forces, rising terrorist attacks and inter-communal conflicts, resulting in large civilian casualties and humanitarian crisis. The international community and relevant partner countries will continue to support Mali in counter-terrorism operations and effectively protect civilians. Military means alone cannot solve the problem fundamentally. As suggested by SG in his report, multi-pronged efforts are needed on political, economic, judicial and social fronts to help Mali restore state authority, carry out DDR programs, achieve development, eliminate poverty and improve people's well-being in a bid to extirpate the root causes of conflicts while treating symptoms.

Under the leadership of SRSG Wane, MINUSMA has diligently fulfilled its mandate under very difficult circumstances and has done a great deal of work for maintaining peace and stability in the country. China appreciate this, and will continue to support the work of the special representative and the mission. China supports in principle the extension of MINUSMA’s mandate and supports in principle the SG’s proposal to maintain existing ceiling of the uniformed personnel. The mission should continue to provide logistical support to G5 Sahel Joint Force in accordance with relevant Council resolutions and keep improving its modes of support to meet the need of joint force to the best of its abilities. China welcomes the efforts of the EU, the UN and the G5 Sahel to intensify cooperation in this regard.

MINUSMA has experienced a palpable elevation in security risk this year 11 people have died so far. It's heartbreaking. Accountability is an important measure to improve safety and security of peacekeepers. China welcomes conviction by the Court of Assises of Bamako in March of multiple suspects in relation to attacking and killing peacekeepers. It is important to implement Council Resolution 2518 and the recent presidential statement on improving the safety and security of peacekeepers, by identifying vulnerabilities, solving key and hard problems in light of the situations on the ground, and then making greater efforts to strengthen peacekeeping operations situational awareness, emergency response rescue capabilities, address IED threats and vaccinate peacekeepers.

I thank you Mr. President.

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