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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at Security Council Open Debate on Colombia

2021-07-13 03:26

Thank you, Mr. President,

China welcomes the presence of Ms. Marta Lucia Ramirez, Vice President and Foreign Minister of Colombia at today’s meeting, and thanks SRSG Massieu for his briefing. I have also listened carefully to the statement by the representative of the civil society.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Colombia peace agreement. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the Colombian Government and relevant parties, and with the strong support of the UN and international community, the peace agreement has been advancing in various fields with positive progress made in its implementation. This is of great significance to Colombia, and to regional peace and stability. China is heartily pleased with that. At the same time, the full implementation of the peace agreement is a long-term process, and it is inevitable that there will be some twists and turns. The nationwide strikes and demonstrations that took place since April this year show that the situation's in Colombia remains unstable, and the implementation of the agreement still faces uncertainties.

China supports the Colombian Government in continuing to effectively implement the peace agreement, strengthening national governance, maintaining security and stability, vigorously developing economy, improving people's well-being, resolving differences through peaceful means, promoting social reconciliation and creating favorable conditions for the smooth holding of next year's election.

China supports the Colombian Government in striving to overcome the pandemic-related difficulties, and in accordance with the requirements of the peace agreement, implementing such programs as ex-combatants’ participation in production and illegal crop substitution, and speeding up the process of the reintegration of former combatants.

China supports the Colombian Government in speeding up land reforms, addressing poverty, social injustice and underdevelopment in rural areas, improving public services, promoting balanced and sustainable development, and solidifying the foundation for lasting peace and stability.

China supports the Colombian Government in strengthening security measures, comprehensively cracking down on armed groups and organized crimes, and providing security guarantees for the implementation of the peace agreement. We support the Government of Colombia in strengthening security deployments in high risk areas and improving security for former combatants.

China supports the discussion between the Colombian Government and the Comunes Party on reviewing the implementation of the peace agreement over the past five years, which will be seized as an opportunity to consolidate the confidence and support of all parties in the peacebuilding process.

Lastly, China appreciates the work of the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia and Special Representative Massieu. We hope that the mission will work in close coordination with the United Nations country team to provide more help and play a bigger role in coordinating the Colombian Government’s response to the pandemic, promoting the implementation of the agreement, maintaining social stability, and accelerating the improvement of people’s livelihoods.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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