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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Briefing on Afghanistan

2021-08-06 04:45

Thank you, Mr. President,

I thank Special Representative Lyons for her briefing, and listened attentively to Ms. Akbar, Chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. I also welcome the presence of Ambassador Isaczai, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan, and thank his statement.

The Afghanistan is at a historic conjuncture of war and peace. With the hasty withdrawal of the US and NATO forces, Afghanistan has seen increased violence, rising civilian casualties and an even more severe security situation lately. Two decades of war in Afghanistan has caused the death of tens of thousands of civilians and displacement of tens of millions, but peace has remained elusive.

Facts have once again demonstrated that there is no military solution to the Afghan issue. Any external power interference in Afghanistan is doomed to fail. In light of the current situation, China believes that there are three pressing tasks.

First, avoid expansion of fighting and prevent an all-out civil war. It is the greatest aspiration of the Afghan people to see the cessation of hostilities and to enjoy peace. It is also the common expectation of regional countries and the international community. China condemns violent attacks against civilians and civilian facilities, and calls on all parties in Afghanistan to exercise restraint, stop military confrontation and reach a comprehensive ceasefire at an early date. Foreign troops should consult fully with the Afghan government on post-withdrawal arrangements to responsibly ensure a smooth transition in Afghanistan. They should be more transparent with regional countries and avoid leaving behind all the problems, and wash their hands of them. The US recently expressed its intention to assist Afghanistan in maintaining stability. We hope that the US can earnestly fulfill its commitment and step up efforts.

Second, help advance the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan jointly. A political solution is the only way out for Afghanistan. No government should be established in Afghanistan by force. China welcomes the recent resumption of dialogue between the Afghan government and Taliban in Doha and agreement to continue high level talks and to accelerate the negotiation process. We hope that negotiating parties can show flexibility, seek common ground while managing differences, and chart out a roadmap and timetable for reconciliation as soon as possible. We look forward to the rebirth of Afghanistan and the establishment of a broad and inclusive political structure in pursuit of a moderate and steady Muslim policy, with a commitment to friendly relations with all neighboring countries. China is willing to host intra-Afghan negotiation in due course to support and facilitate the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

Third, prevent terrorist forces from gaining strength. Terrorism remains a grave challenge for Afghanistan and regional countries. Terrorist organizations listed by the Council, such as Islamic State, Al Qaeda, ETIM and Pakistan Taliban continue to launch frequent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. The international community must not allow Afghanistan to again become a place where terrorists congregate and should continue to support Afghan security force in strengthening counter-terrorism capacity. Taliban should set the goal of peace and make a clean break with terrorist organizations. All countries should fulfill their obligations under international law and the Security Council resolutions, strengthen cooperation and jointly combat all terrorism.

Mr. President,

The international community should work on the basis of respecting Afghan-led and Afghan-owned principle to strengthen coordination and contributes positive energy to Afghan peace and reconciliation process. China will continue to coordinate closely with relevant parties through the extended Troika and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization - Afghanistan Contact Group to foster synergy.

The international community should continue to support Afghanistan's development and reconstruction, and assist the country in pursuing regional cooperation, building inter-connectivity and enhancing independent development capacities. Developed countries should honor their commitments and continue to provide development and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, especially the urgently needed anti-pandemic assistance. China has actively supported the Afghan government in fighting the pandemic. 700,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, ventilators, anesthesia machines and other medical supplies, arrived in Kabul not too long ago. We will provide an additional 1 million doses of vaccines in the near future.

China appreciates the important role played by Special Representative Lyons and UNAMA in supporting Afghanistan’s peace, reconciliation and economic reconstruction. UNAMA works in a challenging environment under current circumstances. China strongly condemns the attack on the UN compound in Herat on July 30, and calls upon all parties to abide by international law and to protect the safety and security of the UN staff. The Security Council should give early considerations to the form of the UN's future presence in Afghanistan and make proper arrangements.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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