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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Dai Bing on the UN Security Council Draft Resolution on Extending the Mandate of UNMISS

2022-03-15 10:35

Mr. President, 

UNMISS has made sustained and enormous efforts in facilitating the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement, protecting civilians, delivering humanitarian relief, and advancing nation-building. China applauds the important role it plays. We support the renewal of UNMISS's mandate, and look forward to the Mission playing an even greater role as a positive and constructive contributor to the peace and stability of South Sudan. 

Throughout the consultation process, the US has pushed for the inclusion of many human rights-related texts, resulting in a very unbalanced draft resolution. South Sudan is the youngest member of the UN. The international community should support the country in gradually exploring a path of human rights development that is suitable for its national conditions, instead of resorting to criticism or pressurization. not to mention interference in internal affairs. The Security Council is not the right forum for human rights discussions. The text makes reference to "human rights defenders". Internationally, there is no clear, unified definition for this term which is agreed through inter-governmental negotiations. China opposes this reference. The draft resolution also asks the Mission to assess the effects of climate change on humanitarian situations, a job that should rightly fall on OCHA or the country team, instead of UNMISS. China does not appreciate assigning climate change-related mandates to peacekeeping missions without an in-depth analysis of climate change impacts and a clear understanding of climate change as a driver of security risks. We requested that there should be no human resource or budget increase due to this inappropriate mandate. In fact, on this aforementioned issue, several members repeatedly requested revisions, but the pen-holder failed to heed and take on board their reasonable suggestions, and did not demonstrate a pen-holder's inclusiveness. In view of this. China had to abstain in the voting. 

As I said here last week, on South Sudan's nation-building journey, China will always stand together with its people. We are ready to work together with UNMISS to make positive contributions to the peace and stability of South Sudan. 

Thank you, Mr. President. 

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