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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on the Biosecurity Issue of Ukraine

2022-05-13 22:44

Mr. President,

I wish to start by expressing our deepest condolences to the Government and people of UAE on the passing of the president. I also pass my condolences to my UAE colleagues. I have listened carefully to the briefing by Mr. Markram, Deputy to the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs. 

On the question of weapons of mass destruction and biosecurity, China’s position has been consistent. We advocate the complete prohibition and thorough destruction of all weapons of mass destruction, including biological and chemical weapons, firmly oppose the development, stockpiling, or use of biological and chemical weapons by any country under any circumstances, and urge the one particular country that is not yet destroyed its stockpile of chemical weapons to do so as soon as possible. All states parties should earnestly abide by the objectives and principles of the BWC

The Impartial, independent, and professional multilateral verification system is an effective means to implement the Convention. The BWC will hold its ninth review conference at the end of this year. We expect the states parties to take this conference as an opportunity to restart negotiations on verification protocol to the convention, promote the early establishment of a multilateral verification mechanism, and effectively enhance global biosecurity. 

China notes with concern the new materials released by the Russian side. Bio-militarization activities put at stake international peace and security. Any Information and leads about bio-militarization activities, including the Russian materials, should be of great concern to the international community. China once again calls on the relevant party to adopt a responsible attitude by providing timely responses to and comprehensive clarifications on the relevant queries, in order to dispel the doubts of the international community. We welcome an assessment of the documents disclosed by the Russian side by the international community under the framework of the Convention and the UN. 

Mr. President,

Lastly, I wish to reiterate that the conflict in Ukraine has been going on for more than two months. The priority at hand for the international community is to step up efforts to stop hostilities, and urge both countries to revert to the track of negotiations, so as to accumulate political conditions for negotiations. China supports the Secretary-General in making efforts for peace. We urge all parties of the international community to try and accumulate positive conditions for peace between the two countries, rather than the opposite. 

Thank you, Mr. President.

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