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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on the Cooperation between the UN and the EU

2022-06-16 18:26

Thank you Madam President,

I welcome EU High Representative Mr. Borrell as he attends today’s meeting.

At present, the international landscape is undergoing most profound and complicated changes, and factors of instability and uncertainty are on the rise. China always supports the UN in developing its partnership with the EU in order to jointly meet the outstanding challenges in traditional and non-traditional security fields. It is highly important that the cooperation comply with the following principles.

First, practicing true multilateralism. As an active advocate of multilateralism, the EU should take the lead in upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, observing international law and universally recognized basic norms of international relations, earnestly respecting the sovereignty and political independence of all countries, and committing to non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs. We expect the EU to play an active and constructive role in international affairs by resisting the revival of the idea of confrontation by camps and blocs, and pushing all countries to strengthen unity and achieve common progress under the banner of multilateralism.

Second, adhering to the concept of common security. Humanity is an indivisible security community, in which the security concerns of all countries are equally important and interdependent. We expect the EU to take seriously and respect the legitimate security concerns of all countries, and make great efforts to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes and to build a balanced, effective, and sustainable global and regional security mechanism.

Third, advancing efforts around the three pillars of the UN in a balanced manner. At present, global food, energy, and financial security risks continue to ratchet up, and developing countries are facing unprecedented difficulties. We expect the EU to be more attentive to the voice of developing countries, maintain and increase its assistance, together with that of its members, to developing countries, maintain and increase the scale of donations to UN humanitarian and development agencies, and take up the due moral responsibility for helping developing countries out of their predicament. 

Madam President, 

The protracted and enlarged conflict in Ukraine will only result in greater security risks and spillover effects. China hopes that the EU, as an important stakeholder, will strengthen its strategic autonomy, actively play its mediation role, and push the parties concerned to conduct dialogue, so as to achieve a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities at an early date. China supports the EU in strengthening its cooperation with various international institutions and take effective actions to deal with the urgent humanitarian needs arising from the crisis. 

As the situations in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to face complex challenges, we welcome the EU’s efforts to maintain regional security and stability and promote a negotiated settlement of the differences among the parties concerned in accordance with the framework established by relevant Council resolutions.

The resumption of the JCPOA implementation negotiations is at the final crucial moment. It is hoped that the EU will continue to play a unique role in pushing the party concerned to make decisive political decisions and positively respond to Iran’s legitimate concerns, so as to facilitate the smooth conclusion of the negotiations and enable the JCPOA to revert back to the right track at an early date.

The stalled Middle East peace process is truly worrying. It is hoped that the EU will take a just stand and push Israel to stop its illegal activities, lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, and abide by its obligations under international humanitarian law. We also expect the EU to play a greater role in mitigating the dire financial situation of Palestine, strengthening the capacity building of Palestinian national authority, and promoting the implementation of the two-state solution.

At present, Africa faces an increasing number of challenges to peace and development. As a close neighbor across the sea, the EU is expected to continue to support the construction of a collective security mechanism of the AU, and provide predictable and sustainable financial support for the autonomous peacekeeping and counter-terrorism operations of the AU and the African countries in the Sahel region and Somalia. It is imperative to give Africa greater support and assistance in such areas as debt relief, climate change response, vaccination, vaccine production, and the management of refugees and immigrants, and enhance Africa’s efforts to cope with risks and challenges.

Lastly, I wish to reiterate that China always works vigorously to develop its relations with the EU. We attach importance to the EU’s important role in regional and global affairs, and always see the EU as an important force for multipolarization. China expects and supports the EU to make greater contributions to addressing various global challenges, and welcomes the EU to inject more stability into the turbulent and changing world.

Thank you, Madam President.

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