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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on ICC Sudan

2022-08-25 14:13

I thank Prosecutor Karim Khan for his briefing, and welcome the representative of Sudan to the meeting.

The overall security situation in Darfur of Sudan has witnessed frequent inter-communal conflicts. The Government of Sudan has taken active measures in response, and made a lot of efforts to this end. The international community should provide constructive support to the Sudanese Government to address the resource shortages in the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement and to help the Sudanese Government with capacity-building. The Security Council sanctions have seriously restricted the security capability of the Sudanese Government. They should be adjusted and lifted in light of the evolving situation on the ground. China hopes that the provision of Security Council Resolution 2620 on setting benchmarks for adjusting sanctions on Sudan before August 31 will be implemented. The relevant benchmarks should be clear, well-identified and realistic. They should not go beyond the Darfur issue, nor should they be used as a political tool to exert pressure on Sudan. 

I wish to reiterate that China’s position on the ICC remains unchanged. We take note of the work done by the ICC and Prosecutor Karim Khan on the situation in Sudan. It is our consistent view that the ICC should strictly follow the principle of complementarity, and earnestly respect the judicial sovereignty of Sudan. We hope that the actions taken by the ICC in accordance with the Security Council resolutions will be conducive to achieving long-term stability and security in the country. We note that Prosecutor Karim Khan is currently visiting Sudan and the Sudanese Government has provided active support and coordination in this regard.

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