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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on MINUSCA

2023-02-21 15:15

Madam President, 

I thank Special Representative Valentine Rugwabiza and Ambassador Hilale for their briefings. I welcome Foreign Minister of the Central African Republic H.E. Baïpo in attending today’s meeting. 

Lately, the CAR has registered major results in advancing the peace process, strengthening state governance, and its development and reconstruction, China applauds this progress. It is a critical period for the CAR’s transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding, and the international community should step up support to help the country achieve enduring peace and security. 

First, the full implementation of the peace agreement. The ceremony held by the CAR Government for the dissolution of the four armed groups late last year marks an important step in the peace process. China calls on other armed groups to join without delay the political dialogue and disarmament process. Local elections slated for this year will be momentous to the consolidation of peace, and the CAR Government has worked hard on that. As the preparations for elections are underfunded, the international community should provide support to ensure the smooth conduct of elections. Issues such as constitutional reform are CAR’s internal affairs. The international community should respect CAR’s sovereignty and ownership, and support it in following a development path that is suitable for its own conditions. 

CAR’s peace is closely linked to regional peace and stability. Lately,  the CAR Government, regional organizations, and regional countries have worked together in the implementation of the ICGLR roadmap, with a monitoring mechanism established and border control enhanced. Subregional organizations should continue to play an important role by encouraging regional countries to join hands in maintaining regional stability and serenity through deepened unity and cooperation. 

Second, the need to curb the threat of armed groups. The recent period saw armed insurgency groups’ attacks on the security forces and civilians and their illegal taxation, kidnapping, extortion, and other activities, threatening security and stability and disrupting social order. China supports the CAR Government’s efforts to safeguard national security in accordance with law, and calls on relevant parties to cease violence. The international community should focus on assisting CAR’s efforts to implement national defense policy, build a security sector that is professional, efficient, and strong, and address new security threats, including IEDs. The expansion of state authority is crucial to maintain sovereign security, and deserves a higher priority in the work of the international community and MINUSCA. The Council’s sanction measures with their continued impact on the country’s security capacity should be lifted altogether. 

Third, supporting an even bigger role for MINUSCA. Under SRSG Rugwabiza’s leadership, MINUSCA has strengthened communication and coordination with the CAR Government and worked diligently to address security threats, protect civilians, and support DDR programs. We have also seen progress made in resolving the issue of MINUSCA’s night flights and constant improvements in the implementation of the SOFA agreement. It is a proven fact that greater cooperation and mutual trust with host countries is a prerequisite for successful peacekeeping operations. China supports MINUSCA’s enhanced efforts in addressing the threat of armed groups and moving forward the peace process and local elections. 

Fourth, it is the common responsibility of the UN and the international community to support the CAR’s development and reconstruction. The country now faces a grave humanitarian situation, with acute problems of food insecurity and energy shortage. Half of its population needs humanitarian assistance. The international community should increase humanitarian assistance with the focus on poverty reduction, food security, and accelerated infrastructure building. Main donors should resume unconditional aid as soon as possible. China stands ready to continue its efforts with the international community to provide more support for peace, stability, and economic and social development in the Central African Republic. 

Thank you, Madam President.

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