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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNISFA

2023-05-09 12:30

Madam President, 

I thank Assistant Secretary-General Pobee and Special Envoy Tetteh for their briefings. I welcome the Permanent Representatives of Sudan and South Sudan to the meeting today. 

Sudan and South Sudan are parties to the issues related to Abyei. As such, a political solution in this connection cannot be achieved without dialogue and cooperation between the two sides. In the previous period, bilateral relations between Sudan and South Sudan keep improving. The leaders of the two countries maintained close engagement on the situation in Abyei, considered the formation of a joint security force along the border, and sent positive signals on addressing the final status of Abyei. All of these have laid a good political foundation for the ultimate settlement of the Abyei-related issues, which is very encouraging for China. Regrettably, the current instability in Sudan may have an impact on and complicate the resolution of this issue. We wish to see an early ceasefire in Sudan, and believe that Sudan and South Sudan will continue the momentum of dialogue and cooperation and implement the consensus already reached. We hope that the Abyei-related issues will not be subjected to the negative impact of the situation in Sudan and that the parties concerned will continue to accumulate favorable conditions for the settlement of the final status of Abyei. China appreciates the sustained efforts by the AU High-level Implementation Panel to resolve the Abyei issue and supports its continued role as the main channel of good office. 

Inter-communal relations are the key to achieving long-term peace and stability in Abyei. In the recent period, inter-communal conflicts in the region have caused casualties, displacement and infrastructure damages. China is concerned about this, and calls on relevant communities to cease hostilities and maintain dialogue and engagement to achieve harmonious coexistence. We welcome President Kiir's efforts to convene relevant community leaders to resolve disputes, and encourage UNISFA to continue to support the efforts of regional countries and organizations in promoting inter-communal reconciliation and maintaining security in the region. 

While paying attention to the situation in Sudan, the international community should continue to focus on addressing the humanitarian and development challenges faced by the people in Abyei. It should strengthen basic material assistance such as food and medicine, and provide development support such as education, vocational training, and agricultural and pastoral guidance. China welcomes the finalization and implementation of Abyei joint programme by UNISFA and the UN country teams in Sudan and South Sudan which provides a number of quick impact projects related to people’s livelihoods and well-being. 

Madam President, 

China commends UNISFA for its unremitting efforts to maintain peace and stability in Abyei, and welcomes the near completion of its reconfiguration and the efforts of relevant TCCs in this regard. The smooth progress in UNISFA’s work requires close cooperation from Sudan, South Sudan, and all relevant parties. We encourage UNISFA to strengthen strategic communication with all parties and deepen the understanding and trust of the local population in peacekeeping operations. We also expect Sudan, South Sudan, and other relevant parties to facilitate UNISFA’s implementation of its mandate. As a TCC to UNISFA, China will continue to resolutely fulfill its peace mission and support the work of UNISFA with concrete actions to contribute to security and stability in the region. 

Thank you, Madam President.

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