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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNMISS

2023-06-20 18:00

Madam President,

I thank Special Representative Nicholas Haysom, Major General Chairman Charles Tai Gituai, and Professor Marco Impagliazzo for the briefings. I welcome the Permanent Representative of South Sudan to today's meeting.

Recently, South Sudan has continued to promote the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement, steadily advanced the constitution-making electoral processes, reached an agreement on the sharing ratio of unified forces, and taken substantive steps in the legislative work in such areas as national security, fiscal administration, and finance. These progresses deserve our recognition. China encourages all parties to continue to work with a greater sense of urgency, act in line with the Revitalized Agreement and its extension Roadmap, accelerate the work in key areas, and create favorable conditions for the political transition. Facing the tensions and differences in the implementation. of the agreement, all parties should prioritize the country's long-term development and the interests of the people and find solutions through dialogue and consultation, so as to maintain the overall stability and unity.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world. The international community should be more patient as needed with the country's political process, and in particular, respect South Sudan sovereignty and ownership and avoid external pressure and interference that could aggravate tensions. China supports regional organizations in playing their important roles. We welcome the UN, the AU, IGAD, at the request of the South Sudanese government, establishing a joint task force. We look forward to close communication between the task force and South Sudan to advance key processes such as constitution-making and general elections.

Madam President,

The reporting period witnessed reduced inter-communal violence in South Sudan. The efforts of the government of South Sudan should be recognized. That said, in the Upper Nile and Jonglei and other places, the security situation remains fragile, where attacks on IDP camps and humanitarian vehicles have occurred from time to time. China encourages the South Sudanese government to strengthen conflict prevention and promote national reconciliation. At the same time, enhancing the security capacity of the government is key to improving the security situation. South Sudan has repeatedly stressed that the arms embargo imposed on it has had a serious negative impact impact on the maintenance of national security. Regional countries have also repeatedly called for the lifting of unjustified sanctions against South Sudan. The Security Council should listen carefully to the voices of South Sudan and the international community and lift the relevant sanctions without delay. 

Madam President, 

Economy and people's livelihoods are important factors affecting South Sudan's peace and stability. Recently, South Sudan has been experiencing in a dire economic situation with drastic devaluation of its currency, high inflation, and a severe food shortage. As of now now, four million people are displaced and nine million in need of humanitarian assistance. The conflict in Sudan has also exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. The international community, especially developed countries, should help the people of South Sudan address their daily difficulties and increase humanitarian and development support with no political strings attached. The IMF and other international financial institutions should continue to increase their financial support to South Sudan.

China has always attached great importance to the difficulties faced by South Sudan, and actively provided assistance within its capacity. Recently, China has provided emergency food aid, including rice, to South Sudan, benefiting ten states and three administrative areas in South Sudan and supporting returnees and refugees affected by the conflict in Sudan. Chinese peacekeepers have repaired two bridges and 40 kilometers of roads in Western Bahr el Ghazal, providing interconnectivity to 30,000 local residents. China stands ready to continue to work with the international community and provide constructive support for the peace and development in South Sudan.

Thank you, Madam President.

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