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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNISFA

2023-11-06 23:02

I thank Under-Secretary-GeneralJean-Pierre Lacroix and Special Envoy Hanna Tettehfor the briefings. I welcome the Permanent Representatives of Sudan and South Sudan at today's meeting.

It is the consensus of the international community that a political solution must be found to the Abyei issue. It requires the joint efforts of the Sudan and South Sudan as well as the attention and support of the Council. At present, the political process in Abyei faces many difficulties and challenges, and we need to intensify our efforts in three areas.

First, maintaining peace and stability in Abyei is a top priority. For quite some time now, the volatile situation in Sudan has affected the political process in the region. We hope Sudan will cease fire as soon as possible and resume dialogue with South Sudan, so as to relaunch the political process in the region. We appreciate and support the efforts of the UN, AU, and IGAD in this area, and call on the parties concerned to provide security guarantees for their JBVMM. The recent increase in the number of returnees and displaced persons in Abyei has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the area. China appreciates humanitarian actions by the UN country team and calls on the international community, especially traditional donors, to maintain their efforts to provide assistance in order to avoid a greater humanitarian crisis.

Second, inter-communal relations are the key to lasting peace and security in Abyei. China notes the decrease in violence in the reporting period and welcomes the efforts made by the Government of South Sudan to alleviate inter-communal conflicts. At the same time, scarce resources for development remains one of the root causes of violent conflicts. Inter-communal violence, triggered by competition for means of production and daily necessities, occurs from time to time. China hopes that the UN will step up its peacebuilding efforts in the region and help the people improve the situation. We encourage the tribes in the region to implement the consensus reached at the Transhumance Corridors Conference, so as to ease tensions and realize harmonious coexistence.

Third, this month the Security Council will consider the UNISFA mandate extension. China appreciates the important role played by UNISFA in maintaining stability in Abyei, promoting political process, and resolving inter-communal conflicts. For some time now, UNISFA has been facing considerable difficulties in terms of logistics support. China calls on the UN Secretariat to strengthen cooperation with countries in the region to expedite the provision of logistical support to UNISFA as soon as possible. And we call on the Government of Sudan and South Sudan to facilitate in UNISFA’s implementation of mandate. The recent attacks on UNISFA helicopter units and patrols in the line of duty sounded an alarm for us. UNISFA must make every effort to minimize the security risks faced by peacekeepers. As a troop-contributing country to UNISFA, China will continue to contribute to peace and security in the region.

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