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Statement by Ambassador Hu Xiaodi on Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

2005-05-20 00:00

Mr. Chairman,

The Prevention of proliferation of nuclear weapons is conducive to the preservation of international and regional peace and security, and is in the common interests of the international community. Over the past decades, the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, of which the Treaty on Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) serves as the cornerstone, has played an important role in preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. With the joint efforts of the international community, this regime has been reinforced gradually.

In recent years, the situation in the field of nuclear non-proliferation underwent a series of changes. Emerging regional nuclear issues, the exposure of illegal nuclear smuggling network and the increasing danger of terrorism coupled with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) have presented severe challenges to international efforts in preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons has its complicated causes. It has everything to do with the international and regional security. Therefore, a constantly improved global and regional security environment is extremely important to preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To achieve this goal, all states should commit themselves to a relationship based on mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and co-operation, so as to pursue common security.

The fundamental purpose of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons is to preserve and promote international and regional peace, stability and security. Any measure of non-proliferation should be conducive to attaining this goal. Concerns related to proliferation of nuclear weapons should be addressed peacefully through political and diplomatic means within the framework of existing international laws. Countries should refrain from willful threat or use of force, double or multiple standards on the issues of nuclear non-proliferation, or even pursuing other agenda in the name of non-proliferation.

Preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons requires joint efforts by all members of the international community. To win the understanding and support of the overwhelming majority of the international community, it is essential to ensure the fair, rational and non-discriminatory nature of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. Any efforts to strengthen the international nuclear non-proliferation regime should be based on universal participation of all countries and on a democratic decision-making process. Great importance should be attached to multilateralism and full play given to the role of the United Nations and other related international organizations in these endeavors.

To effectively deal with the new challenges in the field of nuclear non-proliferation, the international community should further promote the universality of the NPT, preserve the effectiveness and integrity of the NPT, strengthen International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards, promote the broad signature and ratification of the Full-Scope Safeguards Agreement and Additional Protocol, further improve international nuclear export control mechanisms and reinforce physical protection of nuclear weapons and nuclear materials.

It is necessary to emphasize that the efforts to promote nuclear non-proliferation should not undermine the legitimate rights of states to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Only when a balanced approach is adopted in dealing with nuclear non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy can non-proliferation goals be advanced effectively.

Mr. Chairman,

Since its accession to NPT, China has all along strictly complied with its treaty obligations, including that on preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. China has adhered to the policy of not advocating, encouraging or engaging in proliferation of nuclear weapons, not assisting other countries in developing nuclear weapons. China opposes the proliferation of nuclear weapons in any way to any country.

China has consistently supported international nuclear non-proliferation efforts and been committed to improving the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. China believes that the IAEA safeguards is an important pillar of the international non-proliferation system. We support the IAEA in strengthening safeguards and implementing its verification functions strictly according to its Statute.

China is committed to reinforcing the universality, effectiveness and integrity of the NPT. We welcome and appreciate the accession to the NPT by Cuba and Timor Leste. At the same time, we urge countries that have not done so yet to accede to the NPT as non-nuclear-weapon states as soon as possible and to place all their nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards in accordance with the provisions of the NPT.

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese Delegation has submitted a working paper on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, as contained in NPT/CONF.2005/WP.3, and hopes the elements contained therein will be included in the report of Main Committee Ⅱ and the final document of the Review Conference.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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