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Statement by Chinese Disarmament Ambassador Hu Xiaodi on the Iranian Nuclear Issue at Main Committee II of the 2005 NPT Review Conference

2005-05-25 00:00

Mr. Chairman:

China follows closely on the Iranian nuclear issue and has advocated that this issue be resolved appropriately within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) through peaceful negotiation.

China notes Iran’s repeated commitment of not developing nuclear weapons and strictly abiding its NPT obligations. As a state party to the NPT, Iran’s legitimate right to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy under strict safeguards should be respected.

Since Iran and three Europe Union countries reached agreement last November, positive progress has been made gradually on the remaining issues. China hopes that Iran continue its full cooperation with the IAEA, implement the IAEA Board resolutions, and ratify the Additional Protocol as soon as possible. China appreciates the professional and effective work of the IAEA to verify Iran’s implementation of safeguards agreement. We hope the IAEA continue its verification on all remaining issues in a just and objective manner.

Mr. Chairman,

China highly appreciates that Iran and the three European Union countries are resolved to solve the Iranian nuclear issue through negotiation, and China supports their efforts on a long-term solution. We hope that both sides will deal with this issue from strategic perspectives aimed at enhancing regional peace and security, continue to be patient and flexible, gradually diminish their divergences, in order to make progress on the negotiation. The other parties concerned shall make active efforts to create favorable conditions for the final positive results of the negotiation.

China believes that with concerted efforts by the international community, it is possible to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue and in a peaceful and diplomatic manner. The Iranian nuclear issue resolutions adopted by the IAEA Board of Governors have laid a good foundation for peaceful solution of this issue. We hope that the international community, in a constructive manner, continue to encourage dialogue, consultations and cooperation, with a view to create favorable environment to enhance trust among parties, promote negotiation between Iran and EU, and facilitate verification process, for the appropriate solution of the Iranian nuclear issue within the framework of the IAEA as soon as possible. This will contribute to the peace and stability of the region, the demonstration of the IAEA’s authority, and the preservation of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. Thus, it serves the common interests of the international community.

China has been in close consultations and cooperation with all parties on the Iranian nuclear issue. We will continue to play a constructive role in resolving this issue appropriately at an early date.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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