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Statement of the Chinese Delegation at the Thematic Discussion on Clusters 5 to 7 combined of the First Committee of the 76th Session of the UNGA

2021-10-18 21:57

Mr. Chairman, 

China will submit written statements on thematic clusters of "other disarmament measures and international security" and "disarmament machinery" to the Secretariat. I would like to emphasis the following:

First, we should safeguard legitimate rights of all states to peaceful uses, and promote universal security and common development. The world today is witnessing a new wave of scientific and technological revolution, with dramatically accelerating pace of the development of emerging technologies. How to strike a proper balance between sustainable development and security as well as non-proliferation and peaceful uses of science and technology, and make sure all states have equal access to science and technology for peaceful purposes for the well-being of all mankind, is a common issue task for the international community. China supports the UN in playing central role in initiating inclusive and transparent discussions to identify concerns of all member states, especially developing countries, and to seek possible solutions that will serve the common interests of the entire international community.

In this context, China has submitted a draft resolution entitled “Promoting International Cooperation on Peaceful Uses in the Context of International Security” to this session of the UNGA First Committee. The draft resolution reaffirms the international community's consensus on non-proliferation, highlights the significance of safeguarding legitimate rights of all states to peaceful uses, and urges all member states, without prejudice to their non-proliferation obligations, to take concrete measures to promote international cooperation for peaceful purposes. China believes this draft resolution will be conductive to implementing the NPT, BWC and CWC in a more comprehensive and balanced manner. It will help boost efforts to promote peaceful uses of science and technology and international cooperation in different areas, and also facilitate enhanced dialogue between members of the current multilateral export control regimes such as the NSG, MTCR, AG and WA, and the wider international community. China has engaged broadly with all states on the above-mentioned draft resolution and has fully taken into consideration their views and suggestions. All member states are welcome to support and co-sponsor this draft resolution.

Second, we should jointly advance global governance and international rules-making in cyberspace, and build a peace and secure cyberspace. Cybersecurity risks and challenges have become more prominent. A few countries pursue a strategy of deterrence attack, and introduce military alliance and ideological differences into cyberspace. Certain State abuses national security concept to suppress foreign leading companies, fragments global supply chain and undermines global development and cooperation.

All parties should faithfully maintain the peace and security of cyberspace strongly oppose arms race, and enjoy digital opportunities on an equal footing. The pressing task at the moment is to formulate universally accepted rules and norms. China actively advocates dialogues and cooperation in cyberspace: China proposed the Global Initiative on Data Security and released together with the League of Arab States the China-LAS Cooperation Initiative on Data Security. China has played a constructive role in the UN OEWG and GGE on cybersecurity and is ready to work with all parties to deliver more outcomes from the 2021-2025 OEWG, and to forge a new order of digital governance that reflects the will and interests of most States.

Third, we should maintain the authority of multilateral disarmament machinery such as the First Committee, the Conference on Disarmament, and the Disarmament Commission, and bring into full play their vital role.support them to play an important role. At the moment, the international security landscape is undergoing complex and profound changes. The multilateral disarmament process is plagued by both corona virus and "political virus". It is high time for us to uphold true multilateralism and strengthen mutual trust and bridge differences. At the same time, we need to innovate and evolve our thinking and working method, in order to inject impetus into the multilateral disarmament mechanisms.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi addressed the CD last June. He called on the international community to maintain global strategic stability, observe international arms control treaties, contribute to political and diplomatic settlement of non-proliferation issues, and improve global security governance in new frontiers. His remarks provide new thinking on how to break the stalemate in the CD and promote international arms control and disarmament process. China will assume the Presidency of the CD at the beginning of next year. We are ready to engage intensively with all members in carrying out the function of the President to promote substantive progress in the work of the CD.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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