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Statement by Counsellor Li Kexin at the 63rd GA Informal Thematic Debate on the Question of Energy

2009-06-18 18:27

(June 18, 2009)

Mr. President,

Energy has always been a global issue and is closely linked with the world economy. The historical evolvement of human society demonstrates that each stride forward of human civilization was invariably accompanied by the transformation and upgrade of energy. To achieve a balanced, orderly and sustainable development of the world economy, it is imperative for the international community to effectively address the question of energy. In the face of current multiple challenges such as the world economic and financial crisis and climate change, the discussion by the GA on the question of energy is of particular relevance.

Mr. President,

Energy conservation and development of new and renewable sources of energy represent the inexorable trend in the development of energy industry. As such, they stand as an important component part of all countries' development strategies and constitute major initiatives in responding to global climate change and safeguarding international energy security. In this connection, I would like to stress the following two points:

First, countries should establish a new concept of energy security that consists of mutually beneficial cooperation, multi-dimensional development and concerted endeavor for safeguarding energy security. It is necessary to strengthen dialogue and cooperation and work together to maintain the world's energy security. The international community should, in view of the inter-dependence of our world, promote mutually beneficial cooperation among countries in the development and use of energy, advance the development of new and renewable sources of energy and push for the dissemination and use of advanced energy technology. Countries should, based on their specific conditions, take measures to steadily improve energy conservation and emission reduction, enhance the efficiency of energy use and optimize the structure of energy supply.

Secondly, it is necessary to take effective measures to expand international cooperation in a joint effort to preserve the world's energy security. In the midst of the current financial and economic crisis, it is all the more necessary for the developed countries to effectively fulfill their commitment in the areas of technology and capital to help the developing countries develop new sources of energy and enhance the efficiency of energy use, and to support the development of human resources and capacity building of the developing countries. The international community should be proactive in increasing support to the developing countries, coordinating international cooperation in the fields of energy and development and ensuring the right to development of the developing countries with a view to promoting the common development of the whole world. Efforts should be made to reduce poverty through developing energy so as to help the developing countries strengthen infrastructure construction, eradicate poverty, develop economy and improve people's lives.

Mr. President,

The Chinese government has all along paid great attention to energy conservation and placed the development of new and renewable sources of energy in an important strategic position. The Outline of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of China proposed to reduce by 2010 our energy consumption per unit GDP by 20% compared to 2005. Over the past three years, the accumulated reduction of China's energy consumption per unit GDP reached 10.1%, meaning that we have conserved 290 million tons of standard coal which equals a reduction of 660 million tons of CO2. In 2008, the total installed capacity of China's hydraulic power generation reached 172 million kilowatts; that of our wind power generation reached 12.17 million kilowatts; our annual solar cell production amounted to two million kilowatts; our production capacity of solar water heaters reached 40 million square meters; the total installed capacity of our bio-energy power generation was 3.15 million kilowatts; our annual production of methane gas stood around 14 billion cubic meters; and our annual production of bio-ethanol liquid fuel reached 1.65 million tons. In a word, new and renewable sources of energy are becoming the most dynamic and the most promising new strategic industry in China.

The Chinese government is willing to continue to take an active part in international energy cooperation under the principle of equality, mutual benefit, and win for all, and to work with other countries in our common effort to respond to global climate change and ensure international energy security.

Thank you, Mr. President.


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