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Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the UN Ambassador Zhang Yishan at 14th Session of Commission on Sustainable Development

2006-05-01 00:00

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese Delegation would like to thank the Secretary-General for his report, which has laid a good foundation for our discussions.

We are glad to note from the report that with the more extensive acceptance of the concept of sustainable development, there is an increasing number of action plans with various forms. Countries have adopted proactive measures in the field of sustainable development; in particular, the developing countries have made unprecedented efforts for poverty eradication and environment protection. They have embodied sustainable development in their national development strategies, vigorously carried out reform measures, mobilized all social forces, and established wide-ranging partnerships. Major steps have been taken towards coordinated economic, social and environmental development, and certain progress has been in poverty eradication, drinking water and public hygiene facilities.

At the same time, we cannot but acknowledge that the overall situation remains grave for global sustainable development. Such trends as environmental deterioration, ecological damage, land degeneration, long-standing poverty and infectious disease are yet to be reversed. The developing countries remain the weakest link in the global sustainable development. Though a number of developing countries have sustained fairly rapid economic growth, the development within and among countries is uneven. As the economy grows, the pressure on environment is increasing instead of decreasing. The sub-Sahara Africa is confronted with even more difficult situation in achieving sustainable development goals.

Agenda 21 and Johannesburg Plan of Implementation have provided us with comprehensive action plans and roadmaps for major areas in global sustainable development. We are of the view that it is imperative to combine national strategies for sustainable development with international cooperation. At national level, governments need to implement their strategy through economic, legal and administrative measures; at international level, an enabling external environment should be created in which trade and investment enjoy sound development and well-tailored financial and technical assistance are provided to developing countries facing special difficulties, so that they could achieve balanced and sustainable development.

We welcome the commitments made by some developed countries for increasing ODA, hoping that these commitments could be realized in time and that it is channeled to the most needy sectors in developing countries and it reach its targets and achieve results in a measurable way. This will help build capacity of developing countries in coping with the challenges of environment and development.

Attaching great importance to the role of trade for sustainable development, we call on all parties to make concerted efforts in speeding up the trade negotiation and realizing the objectives of Doha development round. The current protectionist approach by developed countries of restricting export from developing countries hinders not only the sound development of international trade, but also the realization of sustainable development. This approach should be corrected.

Science and technology is of great importance to coping with environment challenges and realizing leap forward in national development. We expect to see actions by developed countries that have a technological edge in the transfer of environment-friendly technologies.

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development, and has adhered to the principle of putting people's interests first. We have adopted the concept of attaining sustainable development in a comprehensive, coordinated and scientific manner in our efforts to promote all-round economic, social and human development and achieve harmony between man and nature. China has initiated "Green GDP" evaluation system, vigorously developed cycled economy, promoted clean production, raised awareness of practicing economy, and formed production and consumption ways of saving energy and reducing pollution, with a view to building a society of energy saving and ecological protecting.

China adopted its 11th five-year plan for national development at the beginning of this year. Implementing the scientific development concept and building harmonious society is the guideline for the Chinese Government in achieving sustainable development during the next five years. The Chinese Government will continue the new development mode of industrialization, embody industrialization in overall sustainable development, and make energy protection and environmental improvement both an important guarantee for development and a development goal. We stand ready to step up cooperation with all parties so as to contribute to the global efforts for sustainable development.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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