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Statement by Mr. Du Ying, Head of the Chinese Delegation at the Ministerial Interactive Dialogue at CSD 14

2006-05-10 00:00

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Delegates,

Since the World Summit, while global progress towards sustainable development has built up an encouraging momentum, there remains a considerable gap between what was provided for in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation and its actual application. Developing countries are still being troubled with shortage of financial resources, lack of technology and inadequate capacity for sustainable development.

The Chinese Delegation believes that the key to implementing the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation is political will coupled with concrete action. The international community should foster an enabling international economic environment and, taking into account the difficult positions and legitimate demands of the developing countries, provide them with practical assistance in priority areas. Meanwhile, countries should shoulder their own responsibilities and adopt strategies and measures tailored to their specific national circumstances to facilitate the achievement of goals set out in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation as well as their own goals of national sustainable development.

Mr. Chairman,

As a populous country with relatively inadequate resources, China is under considerable pressure and faces enormous challenges in its economic and social development. In this connection, the Chinese government has taken up sustainable development as a major national strategy and made it operational. While achieving steady economic and social development, China has succeeded in curbing the excessive population growth, building up ecosystems and protecting the environment, with notable results in our sustainable development efforts.

In the future, China will remain committed to a scientific concept of development that is people-centered, integrated, balanced and sustainable, stick to an integrated approach to resources management that accords precedence to conservation while pursuing development in tandem, quicken the pace of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society committed to a fundamental change in its economic growth pattern with energy efficiency as the core feature, develop recycling economy, protect ecosystems, and promote a balanced economic development in harmony with population, resources and environment. In March this year, the National People’s Congress of China approved the Outline of the 11th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development. According to the Plan, while doubling its per capita GDP over that of 2000 by 2010, China will reduce energy consumption per unit GDP by 20% against the level registered at the end of 2005, cut total emission of major pollutants by 10%, successfully bring green house gases emissions under control, and further strengthen the capacity of sustainable development.

Mr. Chairman,

Next I would like to focus on energy for sustainable development in China. China is a large energy consumers as well as a large energy producer. As the second largest energy producing country in the world, China has maintained an energy self-sufficiency rate above 90%. In the future China will stick to an energy guideline that gives priority to energy conservation, relies on domestic supply, bases on coal as the primary source and pursues diversification, while making efforts to reduce energy intensity, further optimizing the mix of energy production and consumption and building a stable, economic, clean and secure energy supply system. China has huge potential in energy development and use. We will tap our abundant hydropower resources orderly, develop nuclear power actively, and accelerate the development of renewable energies such as wind power and biomass. We will strengthen energy dialog and cooperation with countries of the world and makes joint efforts to safeguard energy security and stability in the world.

During lunch time tomorrow, in conference room 6, the Chinese Delegation will hold a special event to make a detailed presentation of progress China has made in the above-mentioned areas. We believe that it is going to be a very good opportunity for boosting interaction and improving understanding. Your gracious presence at the presentation would be most welcome.

Thank you!

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