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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min at the Informal Dialogue between the Group of 77 and the Secretary General

2011-09-13 00:41

(11:30 am, September 12, 2011, UN NLB)

Mr. Chairman,

I’d like to begin by thanking you for convening this informal meeting and welcoming the Secretary General to this dialogue with the Group of 77.

At present, profound effects of the international economic and financial crisis still linger and the world economic recovery remains fragile with elements of uncertainty and instability on the rise. Multiple challenges such as climate change, food and energy security and natural disasters have accentuated the difficulties for global development and the multilateral process is undergoing severe tests. There is a serious shortage of development resources. Past commitments have not been fulfilled and it is becoming harder to raise new and additional resources, resulting in the weakening of the cooperation and mutual trust between the North and the South. The multilateral development agenda is beset with constraints, climate negotiations are confronted with substantive difficulties; and not much progress has been made in preparations for Rio-plus-20. Comprehensive and on-time realization of the MDGs poses an urgent and daunting task to the developing countries, the LDCs in particular.

The Group of 77 and China has been a steadfast supporter for the UN. We support UN’s leadership in the field of development and its central role in global governance. We note with appreciation that the Secretary General continues to attach importance to the question of development in his second term and puts sustainable development as his priority. We hope that the Secretary General will pay attention to the concerns and aspirations of the Group of 77 and China, promote the development agenda in a comprehensive way and revitalize the authority of the United Nations.

China hopes that the UN system will, under the strong leadership of the Secretary General, utilize its advantages and expertise to strengthen development institutions and increase development input, especially in the African countries and the LDCs. We also hope that the basic principles established by the successive UN summits in the field of development be maintained and the monitoring of the implementation of international development commitments reinforced. It is also our hope that the UN in strengthening coordination and cooperation with the G-20 and international financial institutions in promoting deeper reform of the international economic and financial system. We are firmly committed to working within the UN framework for the achievement of comprehensive, balanced and ambitious results of the climate change negotiations and the adoption at Rio-plus-20 of a forward-looking program of action so as to put new impetus to the global agenda for sustainable development.

China will, together with other members of the Group of 77, continue to support the efforts of the Secretary General to advance the agenda for development.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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