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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly on Agenda Item 108: Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism

2016-10-04 06:42

Mr. Chairman,

This year, we have seen a tendency of frequent and almost simultaneous occurrence of terrorist attacks, and the international counter-terrorism situation continues to undergo profound evolution. China believes that members of the international community should further deepen counter-terrorism cooperation, join hands in the international fight against terrorism, and work together to safeguard world peace and stability. Here, China wishes to highlight the following five points.

1.We should constantly improve strategies and the legal frameworks for international cooperation against terrorism. It's imperative to effectively implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, formulate a comprehensive convention on international terrorism, and develop and improve strategies and the legal frameworks for international cooperation against terrorism. The international fight against terrorism must be guided by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, led by the UN and its Security Council and carried out through political, economic, and financial measure, with a view to eliminating the breeding ground for terrorism and tackling the root causes of terrorism. There should be no double standards in the fight against terrorism, still less should terrorism be linked with any particular ethnicity or religion. The relevant counter-terrorism organs of the United Nations offer an important platform for international counter-terrorism cooperation. Their potentials should be fully tapped and their division of labor and coordination strengthened so as to optimize the effectiveness of the existing counter-terrorism agencies and form a synergy of the whole UN system in the fight against terrorism.

2. We should resolutely crack down on cyber terrorism. One reason behind the continuing rampage of terrorism worldwide is that terrorist forces are using the internet and other information and communications technology to disseminate violent extremist ideologies and incite ethnic and religious hatred. This has caused the spread of violent extremist ideas. Combating cyber terrorism has thus become a top priority in our counter-terrorism cooperation. The international community should effectively implement the relevant Security Council resolutions, jointly take robust measures to crack down on the use of the Internet by terrorist organizations for propaganda, recruitment, incitement, planning and financing purposes.

3. We must come up with a stronger response to the cross-border movement of foreign terrorist fighters. The frequent cross-border flow of foreign terrorist fighters has caused ever greater harm, exacerbating regional conflicts, making them harder to resolve, and posing serious threats to the security and stability of countries of origin, transit and destination. Countries should strengthen border control and law enforcement cooperation to stem the cross-border flow of foreign terrorist fighters, especially their "back flow". The UN and the relevant international agencies should set up counter-terrorism data bases as soon as possible and share intelligence so as to create conditions for effectively curbing the cross-border movement of foreign terrorist fighters.

4. We must cut off the sources of finance and weapons for terrorists. The international community should effectively strengthen cooperation in regulating financial and other fields, and firmly suppress attempts by terrorist organizations to acquire financing through smuggling oil, cultural relics and drugs, thus cutting off their sources of capital and weapons. Countries should tighten control at the origin, enhance transnational information exchange, engage in coordination and cooperation and prevent non-state actors, especially terrorists, from laying hands on weapons of mass destruction and nuclear, biological and chemical materials in order to increase international security.

5. We should promote inter-civilization dialogue and build a new type of international relations. Countries should commit themselves to building a new type of international relations with cooperation and win-win outcome at its core, foster a new vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, firmly advance global security governance, promote common development and prosperity, increase inter-civilization exchanges to promote harmony, inclusiveness and respect for differences, treat each other as equals and learn from each other, thus creating a social and cultural atmosphere for difference ethnic groups, cultures and religions to coexist in harmony. The international community should focus on promoting political settlement of regional conflicts, maintain an international environment of peace, stability and sustainable development, and eliminate the breeding ground of terrorism at an early date.

Mr. Chairman,

As a victim of terrorism, China has long faced the threat from the "East Turkistan" terrorists headed by the "Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement". In recent years, the "East Turkistan" terrorist force has kept inciting and organizing terrorist activities, posing a serious threat to not only China's national security, but also regional security and stability.

Being an important member of the international counter-terrorism camp, the Chinese government has always been resolutely against all forms of terrorism and violent extremism, and has taken firm measures to guard against and combat terrorism according to law in order to safeguard our national security and the safety and security of our people's lives and property. China's Anti-Terrorism Law came into force on 1 January this year, providing strong legal support and guarantee for our fight against violent terrorism.

The Chinese government takes an active part in multilateral cooperation mechanisms such as the UN, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Interpol, the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum and the ASEAN Regional Forum. We have carried out substantive counter-terrorism cooperation with other countries in such areas as intelligence sharing, information verification, specific case handling and capacity building. We have also provided, to the best of our capability, material assistance and assistance in capacity building in counter-terrorism to other developing countries. On October 21, my government will host in Beijing the 2nd Workshop on Combating Cyber Terrorism within the framework of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum, which will study ways to refine the implementation of relevant provisions of Security Council resolution 2129, explore the possibility of formulating guidelines on defining cyber terrorism, and promote the establishment of an effective cooperation mechanism.

The Chinese government is ready to continue to work with other countries in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation on an equal footing, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, push for new progress in international counter-terrorism cooperation and construct a tightly woven net against terrorist groups and forces so terrorists have nowhere to hide, thus facilitating the realization of regional and world peace and stability.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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