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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at the UN Security Council Briefing on UNISFA

2022-04-21 16:40

Mr. President, 

I thank USG Lacroix and Special Envoy Tetteh for their briefings. China congratulates Ms. Tetteh on her appointment as the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for the Horn of Africa, and will actively support her work.

For a while, the security situation in Abyei has continued to face challenges. Communal conflicts and public security crimes have occurred from time to time, while the joint police service for Abyei has not yet been established. Yet it is heartening that Sudan and South Sudan have continued to exercise restraint on the issue of Abyei. UNISFA cooperated with the Abyei area administration, local communities, Sudan, and South Sudan to properly handle security incidents. The community protection committees established with the assistance of UNISFA also played an important role. Communal relations are the key to achieving long-term peace and stability in Abyei. China encourages relevant communities to continue their dialogue with the assistance of UNISFA in order to improve their relations, properly, resolve conflicts and differences, and achieve harmonious coexistence. 

During the reporting period, the relationship between Sudan and South Sudan has continued to improve, which provides favorable conditions for the stability of the Abyei region. Currently, both countries are concentrating on advancing their respective political processes. China encourages both sides to leverage the role of joint institutions, such as the political and security mechanism for Abyei, conduct information exchanges, and deal with emergencies in a timely manner so as to maintain peace in Abyei. 

The reconfiguration of UNISFA military component is progressing in an orderly manner, and Ethiopian peacekeepers will be replaced by peacekeepers from multiple TCCs. In the past 11 years, Ethiopian peacekeepers have actively fulfilled their mandates under extremely difficult conditions, and have cooperated closely with Sudan, South Sudan, and local communities, thus making important contributions to maintaining peace in Abyei, which China highly commends. As a new TCC to UNISFA, China has deployed helicopter units in Abyei, and will deploy quick reaction forces as soon as possible. Pending the resolution of the final status of Abyei, China supports in principle the mandate renewal of UNISFA, and encourages Sudan, South Sudan, and local communities to facilitate its operation by ensuring the safety and the freedom of movement of its personnel and the smooth channels of supplies for the Mission. 

Thank you, Mr. President.

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