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Remarks by Minister-Counselor Sun Zhiqiang at the UN Security Council Briefing on the Central African Region

2022-12-09 10:15


I thank SRSG Abarry and Mr. Verissimo for their briefings.

In the recent period, countries in the Central African region have taken active measures to maintain political stability and restore economic and social development, demonstrating strong resilience and potential. At the same time, due to the global economic downturn, geopolitical conflicts as well as food and energy crises, the political, economic and security situation in the region has been marked by increased risk of instability and uncertainty. The stability of the Central African region is vital for the entire continent. The United Nations and the international community should give more attention and assistance to the region, engagen with regional countries to understand their difficultites challenges and real needs, and help them build capacity in governance, counter-terrorism, poverty reduction and sustainable development, so as to achieve long-term peace and stability in the region. In this regard, China would like to underscore three points.

First, respect the efforts of regional countries to handle their domestic issues on their own. During the reporting period, Chad, Angola, Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, Sao Tome and Principe and other regional countries have made positive progress in their political processes, including the successful holding of important elections in the countries concerned. We hope that all national actors in thoese countries will take this opportunity to further promote dialogue and unity, and work together for reconstruction and stabilize the situation. The international community should respect the sovereignty and ownership of countries in the region, fully listen to and accommodate their concerns and provide constructive assistance. China follows closely the political and security situation in the DRC and recognizes the progress made by the government in advancing the 2023 election process, enhancing governance capacity, promoting local development and demobilization of armed forces. China supports Cameroon's efforts to safeguard the sovereign independence and territorial integrity, and believes that the government and people of Cameroon are capable of properly resolving issues in the southwest and northwest region.

Second, support the regional and sub-regional organizations to play the unique role. China welcomes the holding of the 21st ECCAS Summit and the continued efforts of ECCAS to promote regional integration. As stated in the Secretary-General's report, social conflicts and ethnic conflicts in some countries in the region are unlikely to resolve in a short period of time. Boko Haram and other terrorist forces are active in the region. Piracy persists in the Gulf of Guinea, and the region is also facing various non-traditional security challenges. We support the development of security mechanisms in the Central African region to enhance the regional capacity to maintain stability and combat terrorism, and to achieve collective security and common development in the region. UN entities with local presence and the international community should provide more support to regional and sub-regional organizations in personnel training, mechanism building, logistical assistance, and resource management.

Third, help regional countries improve livelihoods and economic and achieve socioeconomic development. Recently, the number of hungry people and refugees in some regional countries has increased sharply, and humanitarian needs have risen. Developed donor countries and international financial institutions should fulfill their aid commitments, provide adequate and humanitarian financing, and help these regional countries alleviate their financial distress and humanitarian crisis. The key to helping regional development lies in eliminating poverty, building infrastructure, improving education and health standards, promoting employment, facilitating trade and enhancing food security. China will continue to actively implement the global development initiatives announced by President Xi Jinping and provide assistance to countries in the Central African region through debt relief and development assistance.


Since his appointment, SRSG Abarry has visited extensively in the region, actively engaged with various interlocutors and done positive work to promote regional cooperation and address common challenges, for which China expresses its appreciation. We hope that UNOCA will continue to work within the scope of its mandate, communicate and cooperate closely with regional countries and organizations and play a greater role in promoting stability and development in the Central African region.

Thank you, President.

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