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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Dai Bing on the UN Security Council Resolution on Financing of African Union-Led Peace Support Operations

2023-12-21 22:00

Mr. President,

China welcomes the unanimous adoption of the draft resolution submitted by A3 at the Security Council. China voted in favor of the draft text and co-sponsored the draft resolution. Over the years, the African Union and African sub-regional organizations have been actively carrying out autonomous peacekeeping operations, and made great contributions and sacrifices to maintain stability and silence the guns in Africa. This resolution supports the deliberation by the Security Council, as requested by the AU on a case by case basis, of the financing of AU peace support operations from the UN assessed contributions. This will help address the issue of funding, which has been of concern to African countries for many years, and will help to deepen cooperation between the UN and the AU. I would like to highlight the following points. 

First, when addressing the issue of financing for AUPSOs, it is important to uphold the fundamental principle of resolving African problems in African ways. China has put forward a number of views and proposals during the consultations, which have been positively taken on by A3. We hope that in the future, UN’s support to AUPSOs will give full play to the principle of African leadership and African ownership. 

Second, the protection of human rights is part of the mandate of peacekeeping operations, and we should not have preconceived and biased views on AUPSOs. The Council's future deliberations on financing for AUPSOs should not be linked to human rights issues. 

Third, China advocates enhanced cooperation between the AU and the UN on the issue of funding, so that valuable resources can be utilized where they are mostly needed in Africa. Traditional developed country donors should not reduce their support. Funding for AUPSOs should also be considered in a holistic manner with the UN peacekeeping operations. We support the streamlining and optimization of some of the UN peacekeeping operations in order to avoid duplication of inputs and waste of resources. 

China has long been a staunch supporter of addressing African problems in African ways, and has provided financial and equipment support through bilateral and multilateral channels for the enhancement of Africa's autonomous peacekeeping capacity. China is ready to work with all countries to continue to make greater contributions to maintaining peace and stability in Africa.

I thank you, Mr. President.

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