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Statements by Ambassador Wu Haitao at the Security Council Meeting on Mali

2020-01-15 04:54

Mr President,

I thank USG Lacroix for his briefing and welcome Foreign Minister Dramé attending the meeting via video link. We condemn the attack on a MINUSMA camp on 9 January and wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

The SG's report points to the continued complexity and fragility of Mali's security situation, grave intra- and inter- communal violence, dire humanitarian situation, the security and economic situation in its north and center being a cause for concern and terrorist forces threatening regional security. The government of Mali and parties concerned must take action to resolve the aforementioned issues.

First, the Government of Mali must play its effective role, and through full consultation with all parties in Mali, resolve differences peacefully to promote the peace process and stay jointly committed to national peace and development. As observed in the SG's report, accelerating the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali (Peace Agreement) is the only viable path to lasting peace and stability in the country, which requires sustained and intensified efforts of the Malian Government.

Second, the Government of Mali needs to enhance regional cooperation to respond to cross-border terrorist operations through holistic means. The security dynamics in Mali and its surrounding Sahel region has posed challenges for the implementation of the Peace Agreement. The government of Mali must truly and effectively undertake its primary responsibility of protecting its own territory and people, enhance its capacity in security and counter-terrorism and gradually take charge of its own security, to maintain stability in the north and center.

Third, the Government of Mali needs to consolidate its economic basis, improve the livelihood of its people and work hard to achieve independent and sustainable development to promote peace through development. The government should increase its input in northern and central Mali so the local population can partake of the peace dividend at an early date.

Mr President,

MINUSMA and SRSG have played an important part in keeping Mali stable, enhancing its security capacity and supporting and facilitating its peace process, which is crucial to security and stability in Mali and the Sahel region. MINUSMA is one of the most dangerous peacekeeping missions of the United Nations. We encourage the government to work in full collaboration with the Mission, coordinate with the Mission's continued efforts to take measures to enhance the safety and security of its peacekeepers.

Thank you, Mr President.

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