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Statement by Ambassador Wu Haitao at the Security Council in explanation of vote after the adoption of Resolution 2508 on Sudan Sanctions

2020-02-11 23:28



China has all along supported the peace process in the Darfur region of the Sudan. Resolution 2508, which has just been adopted by the Security Council, decides to regularly review the sanction measures on Sudan and establish relevant benchmarks for sanctions adjustment. China welcomes this decision and voted in favor of the draft resolution.

The current situation in Darfur remains largely stable, and the region is in a critical period of transition from peacekeeping to peace-building. China applauds the efforts of the Government of Sudan in maintaining peace and stability in Darfur and promoting the political process. The Security Council and the international community should fully acknowledge the efforts made by the Government of Sudan, respect the ownership of Sudan on the question of Darfur, strengthen communication and coordination with the Government of Sudan, and carefully listen to its views and suggestions.

It is China’s consistent position that sanctions are not an end in themselves, but rather a means that should always contribute to the political settlement of the questions concerned. The Security Council should timely review the sanctions on Sudan in light of the evolution of the situation, establish a roadmap for the lifting of such sanctions, send a positive signal to countries concerned and provide stronger support to the Government of Sudan for the maintenance of peace and stability of the region.

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