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Remarks by Acting DPR Mr. Yao Shaojun at the Security Council Open Video Conference on work of the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA)

2020-04-28 00:08

Mr. President,

I thank USG Mr. Lacroix and Special Envoy Onanga-Anyanga for their detailed briefings. I also welcome Ambassadors from Sudan and Ethiopia.

At present, the situation in the Abyei Area remains generally calm and stable. The political situation in Sudan and South Sudan has witnessed positive progress. The two sides have strengthened their interaction and cooperation on Abyei and have been actively cooperating with UNISFA. Those positive developments haven't come easily especially during COVID-19 pandemic. The Secretary-General notes in his report that the Abyei Area still faces many challenges and that the security situation remains fragile. The proper resolution of this issue is of vital importance to the stability of Sudan, South Sudan and the entire region.

The Security Council should continue to fully respect the leading role of the Sudan and South Sudan on Abyei issue, listen carefully to the views of both sides, support the efforts of regional and sub-regional organizations, such as the AU and IGAD. We hope the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan will continue to seek a political solution to this issue, including the establishment of administrative, judicial and public security institutions. The international community should provide assistance to both sides especially on fighting COVID-19.

We continue to support UNISFA in implementing its mandate. The mission has an important role in maintaining the stability of the Abyei Area. China welcomes the efforts of Ethiopia, as one of the main troop-contributing countries, notes the Secretary-General's recommendations and supports the extension of UNISFA's mandate. In this regard, we should listen carefully to the views of the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan, AU and troop-contributing countries. Meanwhile, we appreciate the efforts by the Secretariat to address COVID-19 pandemic and encourage to improve safety and security of peacekeepers in UNISFA.

China stands ready to work with African countries and the international community to contribute to resolving the Abyei issue and promote peace, stability and development in this region.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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