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Statement by Ambassador DAI Bing at the Security Council Meeting on the Situation in Guinea-Bissau

2020-08-10 04:07

Mr President,

I would like to preface my statement with condemnation of the violent attacks that took place in the Niger and express our condolences to the families of the victims.

I would like to thank three briefers for their briefings: SRSG Sori-Coulibaly, UNODC Executive Director Waly, and Ambassador Filho, chair of the PBC Guinea-Bissau configuration. Thank you!

China has been closely following the developments in Guinea-Bissau. As 2019 was drawing to a close, presidential elections were held, which went smoothly. Despite some dispute over the election results, the parties have, by and large, been able to resolve their differences through dialogue. China is pleased to note that the National Assembly approved the new government programme on 29 June this year and that the political process is gradually returning to the right track. We find these developments commendable. In the light of the SG report, I would like to make the following points.

The formation of the new government created a pivotal opportunity. The parties in Guinea-Bissau should seize this opportunity, put the long-term interests of their country and their nation first, take practical steps, continue implementing the Conakry Agreement and the six-point roadmap of ECOWAS, expedite the constitutional review and other political reforms, consolidate the hard-won political stability, promote economic development and improve the living standards of the people. The COVID-19 challenge makes it all the more important for the parties to keep the interests of the people foremost in their minds and work as one in the fight against COVID-19. The parties should also work harder to combat drug trafficking and transnational organised crime, in the defence of the rule of law and justice.

Given Guinea-Bissau’s economic fragility, in addition to the country’s own efforts, greater international support is also in order, by increasing investment in the country’s poverty reduction, education, health and infrastructure, among other things, so the country can develop sustainably on both economic and social fronts. China is ready, along with the rest of the international community, to provide assistance where we can to support Guinea-Bissau’s national development and COVID-19 response.

In the course of resolving the election-related dispute, ECOWAS played an important role through active mediation. China continues to support African countries in seeking African solutions to African issues. China supports regional and subregional organisations such as the African Union and ECOWAS in continuing to provide tailored support for Guinea-Bissau’s peace and development while respecting its sovereignty without interfering in its internal affairs. UNIOGBIS, for its part, can continue to play a coordinating role to create synergies among different actors.

China has taken note of the phased implementation of the transition plan by UNIOGBIS and encourages the Office to strengthen its communication and coordination with the UN country team and UNOWAS and take fully onboard the views of the Government of Guinea-Bissau, in order to ensure a seamless transition between mandates. China is ready to continue to support the work of the SRSG and UNIOGBIS.

Thank you, Mr President.

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