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Statement by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Meeting on the Situation in Somalia

2020-08-20 05:51

Mr. President,

China thanks SRSG Swan and AU Special Representative Mr. Madeira for their briefings.

It is now a critical stage for Somalia's peace and reconstruction. In the last three months, the Somali federal government has made earnest efforts to advance national reconstruction process, and tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, and has gradually resumed dialogue with leaders of the Federal member states. But at the same time, the country's security and humanitarian situations remain fragile, as evidenced by frequent terrorist and violent incidents. In connection, I wish to make the following four points.

First, efforts to advance Somali political process must ensure that it is a process owned and led by Somalis. China encourages relevant Somali parties to further build mutual trust to gather momentum for dialogue, enhance federal institutions and move ahead with constitutional review and other political reform processes. China supports regional and sub regional organizations such as AU and IGAD in playing the role of mediators for the political settlement of the Somali issue. UNSOM has been actively coordinating the various efforts of the international community and has played a constructive role. China supports the renewal of its mandate for 12 months.

Second, a critical task of the Somali political process is to hold successful elections. China welcomes the dialogue between the Somali federal government and the federal Member States on specific electoral arrangements, and encourages them to design electoral processes in light of the situations on the ground and people's wishes. The international community should respect the leading role of the Somali government and support full consultation among Somali parties to create favorable conditions for well-run elections.

Third, eliminating threat of terrorism is a prerequisite of long term peace and stability of Somalia. China strongly condemns terrorist and violent incidents, which often have innocent civilians among the victims. We commend UNSOM for its important role in maintaining stability. The ability of the Somali security forces to assume primary responsibility for maintaining national security is key to the timely completion of the Somali transition plan. The international community should assist with Somalia in security capacity building and continue to provide necessary security support on the basis of a full assessment of local security situations.

Fourth, the triple shock of COVID-19, flooding, and locust infestation have had grave impacts on Somalia's economic and social development and worsened its humanitarian crisis. China welcomes the supplemental financing from the World Bank and IMF, and calls upon the international community to step up efforts to help plug the gaps in Somalia's humanitarian aids, enhance its capacity to respond to epidemics and disasters, and to support advancement of its national development plan.

China has always been an active contributor to Somali peace process, and a longtime provider of humanitarian assistance and economic and social development support. This year alone, we have donated two batches of medical supplies to Somalia, and will continue to help to the best of our abilities. China stands ready to work with the international community to play a constructive role in realizing the goal of peace, stability and development in Somalia.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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