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Remarks by Minister Counselor Mr. Yao Shaojun at the Security Council Open VTC on 751 Committee

2020-10-28 10:38

Madame President,

I thank Ambassador Kridelka, Chair of 751 Committee, for his briefing.

In recent months, the political process in Somalia has continued to make progress. Consensus has been reached on the 2020/2021 elections. The preparations for the elections are advancing steadily. Somalia transition plan is gradually updated. Meanwhile, the security situation in Somalia remains grave. Violent and terrorist activities occur from time to time. Terrorist groups still have strong destructive capabilities. The international community, including the Sanction Committee, should continue to support Somalia's efforts to pursue peace, stability and development.

It is our consistent position that sanctions are a means, not an end. Any action taken by the Committee should be aimed at maintaining peace and stability in Somalia, and avoid any negative impact on the country’s development and the lives and properties of the Somali people. The legitimate requests made by the Somali side should be given due attention and consideration. We welcome the clarification of the allegations against General Sadak Omar Mohamed, the commander of the Somali police force.

China takes note of the improvement of relations between the Panel of Experts and the Somali government. We call on the Panel to continue to maintain good relations with the Somali Government, and encourage both sides to enhance mutual trust and keep coordination and cooperation. The Panel should strive to improve the quality of its reports, verify the facts, make analysis on the consequences and risks that may arise from publication of reports, and make prudent arrangements in advance. We are concerned over the recurrent leakage of the Panel’s reports, which has a negative impact on the parties concerned. China requests the Panel and the Secretariat to take concrete steps to prevent it from happening again.

Next month, the Security Council will renew the sanction on Somalia. We think that relevant sanction measures should be updated in light of the new developments, so as to meet the need to strengthen the capacity-building of the Somali security institutions, effectively combat terrorist forces and help address the root causes of violent conflict. Languages with no direct relevance should not be included in the resolution. We hope that the Council members will conduct full consultations on the draft resolution and make every effort to reach consensus.

I thank you, Madame President.

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