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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing at Security Council Open VTC on Sudan

2021-03-09 10:57

Madam President,

I would like to thank USG Khare and Mr. Perthes for their briefings. I also listened attentively to the statement by Ms. Khair, the civil society representative. I wish to welcome the Sudanese representative to the meeting.

Sudan is undergoing major transformations. UN presence there is in a stage of transition. I wish to emphasize the following points.

First, the positive political momentum must be maintained. Juba Peace Agreement is only the beginning, not the end. China welcomes important gains, such as the expansion of the Sovereignty Council and the reshuffling of the transitional government. China urges continued efforts to advance processes such as the formation of a transitional Legislative Council and electoral preparation. Armed groups which have not signed the agreement should join the peace process as soon as possible. The SG's report mentioned that implementing the peace agreement needs financial support. We thus call on international partners to help Sudan in this regard.

Second, improvement in the security situation needs to be sustained. Despite overall stability in Sudan, intercommunal clashes are still causing civilian casualties. The Sudanese government has continued the implementation of its state strategy of civilian protection, responded rapidly to the clashes and quickly deployed security forces, which China welcomes. We call for early removal of negative impact of Security Council arms embargo on the government's efforts to protect civilians in Darfur and to upgrade its security capabilities. Military means alone cannot eliminate intercommunal clashes. It takes a holistic approach, integrating mediation, reconciliation and rule of law, coupled with measures to develop the economy and improve people's lives, so as to eradicate the root causes.

Third, the international community should help Sudan to deal with economic challenges. Due to factors such as COVID-19 pandemic, Sudan's economy is deteriorating and humanitarian situation is dire. This year, over 13 million people may need humanitarian assistance. The Sudanese government is working to advance economic reform, cut fiscal deficit and mitigate goods shortages. China welcomes its efforts. The international community should step up assistance to help Sudan overcome the difficulties. China calls for early lifting of unilateral coercive measures against Sudan.

Fourth, there must be a smooth transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding. UNAMID has completed its mission. I wish to salute and thank its peacekeepers. The process to close UNAMID should be steady and orderly. Parties should work to ensure personnel and property safety of UNAMID. China welcomes progress in the deployment of UNITAMS and its active efforts. In light of the actual needs of Sudan at present, UNITAMS should focus on helping to advance the peace process and mobilizing greater economic assistance, so as to strive for sustained improvement in Sudan's situation. In doing so, UNITAMS should fully respect the views of the Sudanese government and strengthen its coordination with other UN bodies there.

Thank you, Madam President.

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