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Remarks by Ambassador Dai Bing on Security Council VTC on Sudan

2021-05-20 23:51

I thank SRSG Perthes for the briefing and welcome Representative of Sudan to this meeting.

The situation in Sudan has been making positive progress for some time. The international community needs to continue to lend targeted support to help Sudan become a paragon in Africa for silencing the guns and post-pandemic recovery. I wish to make the following points.

First, maintain the current momentum and push forward the political process. Recently, the Sudanese government has increased the number of members of the Sovereign Council, completed the restructuring of the transitional government, established the National High Committee for monitoring the implementation of the Juba peace agreement and signed a declaration of principles with the SPLM/N al-Hilu faction, demonstrating its political will by taking concrete actions to advance the political process. China encourages the Sudanese parties to press ahead with such important transitional tasks as setting up the Transitional Legislative Council, and preparing for the general election, calls on those factions that have not signed to the peace agreement to join the peace process as soon as possible so as to keep the Sudanese political process in the right direction.

Second, strengthen capacity building and maintain peace and stability. Since the initiation of withdrawal of UNAMID, intercommunal conflicts have happened from time to time in Darfur, causing heavy casualties and displacements of civilians. In response, the Sudanese government has taken some proactive measures which China appreciates. The international community should step up its support for the capacity building of the Sudanese government and enhance its capacity to protect civilians. The Council should study carefully the impact of the arms embargo on the effort of the Sudanese government to protect civilians, take effective measures to eliminate it. Intercommunal conflict in Darfur, a persistent problem, requires a combination of good offices, reconciliation and rule of law to tackle the root causes by developing the economy and improving people's livelihood.

Third, promote development cooperation and stabilize the Sudanese economy. Affected by armed conflict, COVID-19, and natural disasters and others, the Sudanese economy is facing severe difficulties, and tens of millions of people are in need of humanitarian assistance. China calls on the member states to scale up inputs in Sudan's post-conflict peacebuilding and increase the intensity of aid and investment. China welcomes the assistance from UN agencies such as UNDP and UNIDO. China participated in the Paris Conference, and in support of Sudan's transition, has already reduced or canceled parts of Sudan's debts at the bilateral level. It is our hope that the World Bank and other international financial institutions will soon reduce or forgive altogether Sudan's debts, so as to create an enabling environment for Sudan to achieve post-COVID recovery and economic development.

Fourth, ensure a smooth handover and transition and fully leverage the role of the United Nations. As the withdrawal of UNAMID will soon be completed, the United Nations and the Sudanese government should work closely with each other to ensure a smooth and orderly withdrawal process and jointly safeguard the safety and security of personnel and property. In order to measure the progress in the implementation of UNITAMS's mandate, the Secretary-General has developed related benchmarks and indicators, covering all aspects of Sudan's political process and nation building. It is hoped that in the process of employing these benchmarks and indicators, UNITAMS will give adequate consideration to the priorities of the host country and fully heed its views.

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