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Explanation of Vote by Counselor Xing Jisheng on the UN Security Council Resolution on the Mandate Renewal of UNSMIL

2022-07-28 21:39

Mr. President, 

At present, the Libyan political process is at a critical phase. The House of Representatives and the High Council of State have reached much consensus on the constitutional basis for the elections, but have yet to reach a final agreement. Against this backdrop, China supports the UN in continuing to play the role of the main mediation channel, and has voted in favor of the draft resolution on the mandate renewal of UNSMIL. 

The position of the head of UNSMIL and the SRSG has been vacant for half a year. The resolution once again requests the prompt appointment of the SRSG on Libya. The prompt appointment is conducive to resuming the full discharge of UNSMIL’s mandate, enhancing the mediation capabilities of the UN, and creating conditions for longer mandate extension for UNSMIL in the future. China supports an African candidate in assuming the role of the SRSG, and hopes that progress will be accelerated in the work on selection and appointment. 

The situation in Libya has dragged on for over 11 years. Stepping up dialogue and achieving reconciliation will help create an enabling atmosphere for the political process. China supports the inclusion of language on an inclusive and comprehensive national reconciliation process, hopes that all Libyan parties will implement confidence building measures, and appreciates and supports the AU active support for the Libyan reconciliation process. 

I thank you, Mr. President.

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