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Statement by Ambassador Wu Haitao at Security Council Briefing on Colombia

2019-04-12 11:32

Mr. President,

I welcome the Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo to the meeting. I thank SRSG Carlos Ruiz Massieu for his briefing. I have listened carefully to the statement made by Ms Rosa Emilia Salamanca.

At present, the overall situation in Colombia is stable. The peace process has achieved early harvest. Progress has been made in alternative cultivation and rural development. At the same time, the full implementation of the Peace Agreement still faces challenges. This requires the ongoing tireless efforts by the Colombian parties and the international community.

Colombia experienced a long civil war. The implementation of the Peace Agreement in a comprehensive manner touches on numerous issues, such as the politics, security, development and social integration. It is a systematic project. China hopes that all parties in Colombia will give priority to the peace process, further broaden consensus, continue to promote the full implementation of the Peace Agreement, strengthen inclusive political dialogue, accelerate socioeconomic reconstruction, so as to ultimately realize peace and development.

Having taken note of the recently emerged divergent views held by relevant Colombian parties on the legislation of the mechanism known as Special Jurisdiction for Peace (SJP), we hope the parties concerned will strengthen dialogue and consultation to facilitate the appropriate resolution of this issue.

China commends the SRSG Massieu and the UN Verification Mission in Colombia for their work. We hope the Mission will continue to perform its duties as mandated, help the Colombian parties enhance communication and build up mutual trust and push them to create synergies to jointly move forward the peace process.

China stands ready, together with other members of the Security Council, to make its contribution in the furtherance of the Colombian peace process and the early realization of comprehensive peace, stability and development in Colombia.

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