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Statement by Ambassador Wu Haitao at Security Council on Afghanistan

2019-07-26 05:48

Mr. President,

I would like to start by thanking Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo for briefing us on their recent joint mission to Afghanistan, together with the Executive Directors of the United Nations Population Fund and UN-Women, and for outlining the current situation in Afghanistan. I have also listened attentively to the remarks of Ms. Jamila Afghani, who spoke on behalf of civil society in Afghanistan today.

At present, the situation in Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. Election preparations and the peace and reconciliation process are moving ahead side by side, while the security situation is a source of concern and the humanitarian situation remains grim. The United Nations and the international community must continue to support the Afghan political and reconciliation process, preparations for the presidential election and capacity-building in fighting terrorism and maintaining stability. They must also honour their commitments in providing assistance to improve the local humanitarian situation and support Afghan reconstruction and reintegration into regional economic cooperation.

Although they are important force for maintaining international peace and security, women are also a vulnerable group prone to be victimized in armed conflicts. Women are important builders of, contributors to and participants in the peace process. The international community must support Afghanistan in enhancing protection for women, ensuring women’s full access to participation and decision-making in the political sphere and peace process. At same time, it is also important to fully accommodate and respect local social realities and cultural traditions, build up the country’s capacities relating to women and peace and security, and respect the country’s national ownership of the process.

Mr. President,

On 11 July, the third round of China-Russia-United States consultation on the issue of Afghanistan was held in Beijing. We welcome Pakistan joining the consultations and trust that it will play an absolutely crucial role in advancing peace in Afghanistan. After the meeting, the four parties issued a four-party joint statement on the Afghan peace process. I wish to take this opportunity to brief the Council on the outcomes of this consultation.

The four sides exchanged views on the current situation and joint efforts aimed at realizing a political settlement that would advance peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan and throughout the region. They emphasized the importance of their trilateral consensus on the Afghan peace process reached in Moscow on 25 April. They welcomed recent positive progress, as the crucial parties concerned have advanced in their talks and increased contacts with each other. They also welcomed the intra-Afghan meetings held in Moscow and Doha.

The four sides called for relevant parties to seize the opportunity for peace and immediately start intra-Afghan negotiations among the Taliban, the Afghan Government and other Afghans. They reaffirmed that negotiations should be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned and further agreed that these negotiations should produce a peace framework as soon as possible. This framework should guarantee the orderly and responsible transition of the security situation and set out the details of an agreement on a future inclusive political arrangement that is acceptable to all Afghans. The four sides encouraged all parties to take steps to reduce violence, leading to a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire that starts with intra-Afghan negotiations. The four sides agreed to maintain the momentum of the consultations and will invite other important stakeholders to join them on the basis of the trilateral consensus agreed on 25 April in Moscow. This broader group will meet at the start of the intra-Afghan negotiations.

Mr. President,

China supports the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan and other competent entities in playing a greater role on the issue of Afghanistan. Alongside the international community, China is ready to continue contributing to security, stability, development and prosperity in Afghanistan.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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