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Ambassador Zhang Jun Stated China's Position on Extending the Mandate of UNAMA

2019-09-17 03:44

On 17 September, the Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on a technical renewal of the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan(UNAMA). The resolution extends the mandate of UNAMA for one year and asks UNAMA to provide assistance to Afghanistan with elections, connectivity, regional cooperation, security anti-narcotics and reconstruction, promote partnership on connectivity, and welcome joint efforts to enhance dialogue and collaboration and to advance shared goals of economic development across the region. At the same time, the resolution stresses the importance of supporting capacity building by the Afghan government in the area of security to maintain stability and combat terrorism.

Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, said in his explanatory statement that China is glad to see the unanimous adoption by the Council of the resolution on a technical renewal of the mandate of UNAMA. The result meets the expectation of the Afghan people and enables UNAMA to continue doing its job. It has also accommodated the concerns of all parties.

Ambassador Zhang said that as a direct neighbor, China most wants to see peace, stability, development and prosperity in Afghanistan. China cares most about the interests and well-being of the Afghan people. Thinking in Afghanistan's position, China believes that to achieve lasting peace, economic development must be boosted; to achieve security and stability, the country's security concerns must be addressed; to maintain unity of the Security Council, existing consensus must be respected.

Ambassador Zhang said that China has been emphasizing that it is not a good time to adopt a comprehensive resolution and a technical renewal is the only way out. With a responsible and constructive attitude, China took part in the consultations on extending the mandate of UNAMA and proposed revisions. To China's regret, a few countries refused to keep the text of consensus previously agreed and refused to accommodate the core concerns of the parties. The draft also failed to address possible security vacuum in Afghanistan. All this led to serious division among the parties. The argument that supporting Afghanistan in taking part in regional cooperation and promoting connectivity is unrelated to the mandate of UNAMA is a complete misunderstanding of UNAMA's mission. China welcomes the fact that the relevant parties have then come back to the track of consultation in seeking a solution and reached consensus on a technical renewal of the mandate.

Ambassador Zhang said that it must be pointed out that helping the Afghan economy is vital to achieving lasting peace and stability in the country. That is what the Afghan people want, and no country has the right to deny them a better life.

Ambassador Zhang said that the Afghan situation is at a critical juncture. China supports Afghanistan in holding the general election as scheduled, advancing peace and reconciliation process, strengthening capacity building of the Afghan security forces and actively participating in regional cooperation, so as to lay a solid foundation for lasting peace and stability. China will continue to contribute its share to peace, stability and prosperity of Afghanistan.

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