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Statement by Ambassador Wu Haitao at the Meeting of the Security Council on Yemen

2020-01-16 12:41

Mr President,

The Chinese delegation wishes to thank Special Envoy Griffths and Director Rajasingham for their briefings. China commends Special Envoy Griffths for his vigorous efforts to advance the political process in Yemen. We support the UN and relevant agencies in working hard to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen. We hope that, in the new year, the international community, including the Security Council, can push for breakthroughs in the political settlement of the Yemeni issue. In respect of this year's work, we would like to share the following perspectives.

First, parties in Yemen need to stay on the overriding course towards a political solution and continue to advance the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement and the Riyadh Agreement so as to strive for an early restart of the UN-led all-round political settlement.

Despite twists and turns in the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, the Agreement has played a vital role for easing tension in Hodeidah and promoting dialogue among Yemeni parties, and must continue to be implemented. The implementation of the Riyadh Agreement bears directly on the political negotiation in the next step. China has taken note of the recent consensus reached between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council on military and security sectors and many other provisions of the Agreement. We applaud Saudi Arabia and other regional countries in their continuous important conduct of good offices. We encourage Yemeni parties to jointly maintain solidarity and stability in the South to safeguard the country's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity. China supports Special Envoy Griffths in getting things ready for the new round of peace talks on the basis of the existing agreements. We support another renewal of UNMHA's mandate and hope the Mission can remain committed to mandate implementation for the maintenance of overall stability in Hodeidah.

Second, the Security Council, countries in the region and the rest of the international community must carry out robust good offices to work in synergy and create the conditions for dialogue and negotiation among Yemeni parties.

Council remembers need to remain seized of the issue of Yemen and discuss how to promote dialogue and negotiation among Yemeni parties through different means, and exchange views on how to further implement the existing agreements, calm the situation in Aden, deliver complete ceasefire across the territory, etc. Countries in the region need to continue to exercise their positive influence on Yemeni parties, to encourage them to build up mutual trust through prisoner exchange and other measures and uphold the momentum of ceasefire and dialogue. China has stayed in contact with all Yemeni parties. On 2 January, the Chinese Ambassador in Yemen met with President Hadi of Yemen, in which the President reiterated his political will to spare no effort to advance the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and actively participate in the UN-led peace process. China will continue with its diplomatic efforts to push for parties to bridge gaps and broaden consensus.

Third, the international community should improve the livelihood of the Yemeni people with a more tailored approach, prioritise the secured supply of oil, food and drinking water, stabilise currency and commodity price, contain cholera and other diseases, assist development and reconstruction projects, focus on education and training for children and youths, and increase employment.

As the humanitarian situation in Yemen is grim and Yemeni people have long borne the brunt of the war, it is imperative for Yemeni parties to fully coordinate with the humanitarian operations of the UN and other relevant agencies to head off a more serious humanitarian crisis. China has been consistently providing humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people through bilateral and multilateral channels, while upholding the view that peace and stability of countries in conflict should be promoted through development. China signed the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation with the Yemeni government. On 15 January, China signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Yemen, under which China will send a consignment of medical equipment to Yemen valued at 9.8 million RMB. China stands ready to continue to do more practical work for the benefit of the Yemeni people and engage in Yemen's economic reconstruction, and play a constructive role for the early fulfillment of lasting peace and stability in Yemen.

Thank you, Mr President.

(Credit: UN Photo)

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