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Ambassador Zhang Jun Called for Joint Efforts to Help Afghan Parties Seize Opportunity to Address Challenges

2020-03-10 05:59

On 10 March, the Security Council of the United Nations unanimously adopted a resolution on the signing of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban. Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the UN, stated China’s position and emphasized that the Afghan situation is at a critical juncture and the international community should work together to help all parties in Afghanistan seize the opportunity and address the challenges.

Ambassador Zhang said that China welcomes the US-Afghan joint declaration and the signed agreement between the United States and the Taliban. The Afghan parties and the United States should work together to actively implement the agreement. During its implementation, efforts must be made to ensure that the foreign troops in Afghanistan are withdrawn in an orderly and responsible manner and that the situation in Afghanistan transitions smoothly to avoid security vacuum, and in particular, to prevent the rise of terrorist organizations by taking advantage of the situation in Afghanistan. To this end, the capacity building of the Afghan National Security Forces should continue to be supported.

Ambassador Zhang said that China firmly supports a broad and peaceful reconciliation process that is led and owned by the Afghans. China respects the Afghan people’s independent choice for their country’s future. The Afghan parties should start expeditiously the intra-Afghan negotiations to discuss together the country’s political and security arrangements that are acceptable to all parties and should work in unison for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. It is hoped that the international community will respect the will of the Afghan people, continue to support reconciliation among them and help Afghanistan achieve peace at an early date.

Ambassador Zhang said that the international community should continue its efforts to lay a solid foundation for lasting peace in Afghanistan. It should focus on the process of peaceful reconstruction in Afghanistan, increase investment in infrastructure construction, promote regional connectivity, pay attention to the crucial role of regional countries and organizations, and inject momentum into Afghanistan’s sustained development. China is ready to work with the international community and continue its contribution to peace, stability and development in Afghanistan.

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