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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the Security Council Briefing on Syria

2016-12-13 06:52

I would like to thank the Secretary-General for his briefing.

China remains deeply concerned about the situation in various parts of Syria, including Aleppo, and would like to express its profound sympathy for the Syrian people, who have suffered dire misery as a result of the conflict there.

The way that the situation in Syria has evolved so far is the result of the interplay of a host of factors operating in many dimensions. The international community should think deeply about the underlying causes of the situation and take concerted measures aimed at reaching a comprehensive, fair and appropriate solution. The complexity and sensitivity of the current circumstances make it even more important to ensure that the international community does not diverge from a path that can lead to our overarching goal, which is to seek a political settlement. We should work together to move the Syrian crisis back on to a track of dialogue and consultation, with a view to reaching a lasting solution to the war and chaos as soon as possible. Any efforts on the part of the international community should encourage efforts on all four of the relevant tracks — a resumption of the ceasefire, political negotiations, cooperation on counter-terrorism and humanitarian assistance. The role of the United Nations as the main channel should be upheld, and the Intra-Syrian talks resumed without delay.

Fighting terrorism is part and parcel of a solution to the Syrian issue. The Islamic State terrorist organization has recently been launching repeated attacks, and the risk that terrorist forces may become more powerful and spread is growing. The international community should give priority to combating terrorist forces on Syrian soil, strengthening its coordination of counterterrorism efforts, adhering to uniform standards and standing firm against the Islamic State and every other group designated as terrorist by the Security Council. China is ready to work with the international community to urge for a political solution to the Syrian crisis as soon as possible.

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