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Statement by Counsellor Yao Shaojun on Iraq at the Security Council

2019-05-21 00:33

Mr. President,

At the outset, I thank Ms. Hennis- Plasshaert for her briefing. We welcome the unanimous adoption of resolution 2470 by the Council, which reflects the Council’s important support for the work of UNAMI and the Iraqi government.

China acknowledges the effective execution of mandate of UNAMI and its important role in supporting the Iraqi government in promoting inclusive political dialogue, national reconciliation and reconstruction. We appreciate the host country’s close cooperation with UNAMI that has yielded positive results. The extension of UNAMI’s mandate for one year by the Council is significant. The international community should continue its support for UNAMI in carrying out its work as mandated.

Mr. President,

Recently the government and people of Iraq have properly addressed both internal and external challenges, won the fight against terrorism, gradually restored security and stability and steadily pushed forward its economic reconstruction. China expresses appreciations for this.

China welcomes the policy of openness towards its neighbors pursued by the Iraqi government, and its friendly relations with its neighbors. We appreciate the facts that the government has formulated the 2018-2020 National Government Program and a comprehensive, national anti-corruption strategy, and strived for resolving the outstanding problems between the central government and the Kurdistan regional government, removed internal customs checkpoints and resumed salary payment to the civil servants of the Kurdistan government. At present, the country is at a critical stage in consolidating its counter terrorism results, achieving peace and security and advancing its national reconstruction. Here, I wish to touch on the following points.

First, we should support Iraq in continuing to fight terrorism and consolidate the results in this field. The country has made enormous sacrifices for the international fight against terrorism. It is still threatened by remnants of terrorist forces. It needs support by all sides for the repatriation of foreign terrorist fighters and their families. The international community should fully respect the sovereignty of Iraq and its jurisdiction, support Iraq in bringing terrorists to justice according to domestic law, and curbing the return and spread of terrorist forces and activities. We support UNITAD’s close coordination with the Iraqi government and the discharge of its function as mandated.

Second, we should actively promote economic recovery and accelerated reconstruction in Iraq. Development is the fundamental guarantee for achieving peace. The government should focus on infrastructure development, promote economic reconstruction and development, enhance its capacity for public service delivery and improve the livelihood of the people, including the IDPs. The international community should deliver on its pledges by continuing its support and assistance to the country and creating an enabling environment for the reconstruction of Iraq.

Third, we must continue to support the inclusive political dialogue and the national reconciliation process in Iraq. The international community should respect the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, promote inclusiveness, reconciliation and harmonious co-existence of all parties in the country. This is in the interests of all Iraqis and meets the needs of development. It is also significant for regional peace and stability.

Mr. President,

China supports any effort that helps maintain peace and stability and fight terrorism in Iraq. We will continue our humanitarian and economic assistance to this country and our efforts to improve the humanitarian situation. We will actively take part in Iraq’s reconstruction and help the country achieve peace, stability and development.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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