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Statement by Ambassador Wu Haitao at the Security Council Meeting on Iraq

2019-12-03 09:18

Madam President,

China wishes to congratulate the United States for assuming the Council presidency this month. I can assure you of our support. China congratulates the UK on its successful presidency in November, and appreciates the great deal of work it has done.

China thanks SRSG Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and the ICRC representative Mr. Mardini for their briefings. We’ve also listened attentively to the statement by Barshar Warda, Archbishop of Erbil.

The current situation in Iraq has drawn international attention. Maintaining stability and restoring order in the country is a top priority. The Iraqi government has taken a number of measures to respond to the demands of the Iraqi people with positive achievements. We believe that Iraq has the ability and wisdom to find a proper solution to the current crisis and defuse the situation as soon as possible. The Security Council, during its visit to Iraq in June this year, reiterated its firm support for Iraq's efforts toward economic recovery, peace and stability, national reconstruction and reconciliation. The Council should continue to demonstrate its support for Iraq.

In the spirit of mutual respect and equal-footed cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win outcome, Iraq has been developing friendly relations with neighboring countries, and working to reduce regional tensions. China wishes to register its appreciation. Meanwhile, Iraq is still at the critical stage of consolidating the results in counter-terrorism, achieving peace and stability, and advancing national reconstruction. All parties should fully respect Iraq's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity and continue to support Iraq's efforts.

First, we should firmly support the inclusive political dialogue and national reconciliation process in Iraq.

In recent years, with the support from the international community, Iraq has worked hard on national security and stability, actively put in place the Kurdistan regional government, promoted communication and dialogue, and steadily advanced national reconciliation and reconstruction. Under the current circumstances, the international community should, more than ever, sustain its support for Iraq’s effort toward inclusive reconciliation and harmonious coexistence, and support all parties in Iraq, proceeding from the fundamental interest and needs of the Iraqi people, engaging in peaceful and meaningful dialogue.

China welcomes the improved relations between the Central Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and looks forward to the two sides reaching an agreement on oil, revenue distribution and security arrangements as soon as possible. We welcome the constructive role of UNAMI in this regard.

Second, we should continue to support Iraq in consolidating its results in counter-terrorism and safeguarding national security.

Iraq has made huge sacrifices for the international fight against terrorism. Terrorism remains a threat to Iraq's security and stability. In light of Iraq ’s national conditions and progress in reconstruction, steady efforts should be made toward resolving the issue of IDPs in Iraq. Robust support should be given to Iraq in addressing the issue of foreign terrorist fighters and their families.

The international community should fully respect Iraq's sovereignty and jurisdiction, and support Iraq in bringing terrorists to justice in accordance with relevant domestic laws. UNITAD should engage in close consultation with the Iraqi government and carry out its work in accordance with its mandate.

Third, we should actively promote Iraq's economic recovery and expedite its reconstruction.

The Iraqi government has adopted an integrated approach, actively attracting foreign investment, improving business environment, promoting youth employment, which are among its many goals concerning development and people's livelihood, in response to public demands. Such efforts fully deserve international recognition.

UNAMI should, strictly in accordance with its mandate, support the Iraqi government in its effort to promote stability and development, and respect Iraq’s leadership in handling its internal affairs. The international community should effectively fulfill its commitments, continue to provide support and assistance to Iraq, and support the country in exploring a development pathway suited to its national conditions.

Madam President,

China firmly supports Iraq in its efforts to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity and supports its nationally owned endeavor to handle its internal affairs and challenges. China opposes any external interference in Iraq's internal affairs.

China stands ready to work with the international community in support of Iraq's efforts to maintain peace and stability and combat terrorism.

China will continue its active participation in the reconstruction of Iraq ’s energy, infrastructure and other sectors, and assist Iraq in economic and social development as best we can, to help the country achieve stability and development.

Thank you, Madam President.

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