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Statement by Ambassador Zhang Jun at Security Council Open Meeting on the Situation in the Middle East and the Question of Palestine

2020-02-11 23:57



Mr. President,

China thanks you for convening this meeting. We welcome the presence of President Abbas and Secretary-General Gheit. I would also like to thank Secretary-General Guterres for his statement and Special Coordinator Mladenov for his briefing.

The issue of Palestine, which has been unresolved for over 70 years, is the root cause for the turbulence in the Middle East. This issue has been questioning human conscience and international justice. Independent statehood is an inalienable national right of the Palestinian people, and not something for trading at all. Currently, the Palestinian people are still undergoing huge sufferings. Clashes and confrontations between Palestine and Israel are incessant. Settlement activities and demolition of Palestinian houses are continuing and expanding. The Middle East peace process has deviated from the right track. China is deeply worried.

China has noted the US announcement of the new Middle East peace plan and the response of Palestine, the Arab league, the OIC, the UN Secretary-General and others. China always believes that the relevant UN resolutions and such international consensus as the two state solution and the land for peace principle constitute an important foundation for solving the question of Palestine. As such, they must be effectively observed. The question of Palestine can only be solved through political means. Any solution proposal on this question must be based on heeding the views and opinions of the major parties, in particular those of Palestine, and the voice of regional countries and organizations. Such a solution must be reached through dialogue and negotiation on an equal footing, and must contribute to a comprehensive, fair, and lasting solution at an early date.

In the past several days, Council members held intensive consultations on the question of Palestine. China supports the efforts by Tunisia and Indonesia. We believe that the Council shall base its work on the resolutions adopted in the past, heed the voices of the Palestinian people, reaffirm its support to the two- state solution and the importance of the relevant resolutions and existing international consensus, and call upon all the parties to comply with international law to prevent further complication and deterioration of the situation. China encourages all the parties to continue consultations in a responsible manner, narrow differences, and widen consensus with a view to creating favorable conditions for solving this issue.

China is highly concerned about the economic and humanitarian situation in Palestine. We call upon the parties concerned to seriously fulfill the international treaty obligations, comprehensively implement the relevant UN resolutions, speedily and fully lift the blockade against Gaza and improve the economic and humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories. The international community must increase its political and financial support to UNRWA to effectively improve the humanitarian situation of the Palestinian refugees and their host countries and increase input into the economic reconstruction in Palestine. The Security Council bears the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. Under the current circumstances, the Council should work with the international community and play a constructive role in seeking a comprehensive, fair, and lasting solution to the question of Palestine at an early date. China remains committed to firmly supporting the just cause of the Palestinian people for restoring their legitimate national rights.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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