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Statement by Ambassador Zhang Jun at Security Council Meeting on Yemen

2020-03-12 00:49

China thanks SESG Martin Griffiths and ASG a.i. Ramesh Rajasingham for their briefings. China commends their active efforts to end the conflict in Yemen and to improve the humanitarian situation in the country.

In the recent period, there has been escalation of military operations in many locations in Yemen, undermining the UN mediation efforts and political dialogue among all parties. This situation has received extensive attention. Under such circumstances, it is imperative that all parties in Yemen strengthen their political will and reach a ceasefire arrangement as soon as possible, so as to create conditions to restart the comprehensive political negotiations. The only way to end conflict in Yemen is a UN-led, comprehensive and inclusive political process. Yemen’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity need to be safeguarded through the joint efforts by all parties to the conflict in Yemen. The Stockholm Agreement and the Riyadh Agreement are the political outcomes of arduous negotiations between the parties, and they should therefore be implemented effectively. The signatories to the agreements should honor their political commitment. Regional countries should step up the efforts at mediation, and the UN should continue to play its constructive role. We hope the large scale prisoner exchange can take place as soon as possible to enhance mutual trust among the parties. China has always maintained communication with all parties in Yemen, and will continue to make diplomatic efforts to facilitate the narrowing of differences and broadening of consensus among the parties.

China is also concerned with the humanitarian situation in Yemen. The Yemeni people face multiple difficulties, such as threats of violence, shortage of food and commodities, serious inadequacy of medical services, and natural disasters. Some humanitarian problems are directly attributable to the armed conflicts, and should be tackled through humanitarian aid and political efforts. While other humanitarian problems are the results of economic instability, infrastructure dilapidation, and insufficiency of development capacity, greater attention should be paid to such problems. And long-term economic and social measures should be taken as soon as possible to address these problems. All parties in Yemen should fully cooperate with the humanitarian relief operations of the UN and relevant agencies, and provide humanitarian access. We also hope that the UN humanitarian agencies will follow closely the locust situation and the spread of COVID-19 in Yemen and provide full support and assistance to Yemeni people. China supports the Yemeni government’s efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, and has been providing emergency food aid, medical devices and other assistance to the Yemeni people through bilateral and multilateral channels. China has signed an agreement on economic and technical cooperation has been signed with the Yemeni government. China will continue to deliver more concrete services to the Yemeni people and to make constructive efforts for Yemen to embark on the path of peace and development.

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