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Remarks by Ambassador Zhang Jun at Security Council Video Conference on Yemen

2020-04-16 01:57

The Chinese delegation wishes to thank Special Envoy Griffths and Under Secretary-General Lowcock for their briefings. China commends your efforts to promote a ceasefire among all parties to the conflict in Yemen and to improve the humanitarian situation in the country.

China has been closely following the situation in Yemen. We support the call for ceasefire made by Secretary-General Guterres and Special Envoy Griffths. We welcome the announcement made by Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Coalition (Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen) of a two-week unilateral ceasefire in Yemen. That's indeed a new progress. We also welcome the positive statement made by Yemeni government in this regard. We do hope that all parties will make further efforts along this direction, making sure that a complete cease fire will be reached and sustained.

It's our view that all efforts should be made towards political settlement in Yemen. We know there are many challenges ahead, but the political settlement represents the only solution to the Yemeni issue. For that purpose, we need to have a UN-led, comprehensive and inclusive political process. We support the work done by the Mr. Griffiths towards this end. It is imperative that all parties in Yemen strengthen their political will, engage in broad dialogue and consultations. We urge all parties to implement the Stockholm Agreement and the Riyadh Agreement. We call for more efforts toward the cessation of violence and the building of mutual trust. Apparently lack of mutual trust is hindering the political process. Hope parties could stay in close contact with each other under the coordination of Mr. Griffiths.

We are also concerned about the grim humanitarian situation in Yemen, especially in the current circumstances of the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We do hope that international community, including the Security Council and the humanitarian agencies on the ground could pay close attention to possible impact of the pandemic on Yemen. We urge all parties to join hands in fighting the pandemic together, that's in the fundamental interest of all Yemenis. We also hope that parties concerned could provide unhindered access for humanitarian aids, that's extremely important at this moment. We echo the call of Under Secretary-General Lowcock about the lack of funding. We hope that donors could keep on with their financial support. The international community should continue to offer possible assistance to the Yemen people in their economic reconstruction and social development. For China's part, we will do whatever we can in providing medical assistance to Yemen people in fighting against COVID-19. We are also providing assistance through bilateral channel for the economic development of Yemen. We stay ready to continue doing that.

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