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Ambassador Zhang Jun Elaborated on China's Position on the Humanitarian Issue in Syria at Security Council VTC Meeting

2020-05-19 09:20

On May 19, the UN Security Council held a VTC meeting on the humanitarian issue in Syria. Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, attended the meeting and laid out China's position on this issue.

Ambassador Zhang said that China pays close attention to the humanitarian situation in Syria. China welcomes the ceasefire appeals made by the UN Secretary-General and his Special Envoy, call on all parties to enhance mutual trust and jointly safeguard the well-being of the Syrian people. Relevant parties should enhance political dialogue, and remove all obstacles which hinder cross-line humanitarian access to the northwest and northeast of Syria. The cross-border mechanism was established as contingency or temporary measures. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria must be respected under any circumstance. Unilateral sanctions not only block medical supplies, but also undermine a country’s capacity to mobilize resources, develop economy, and improve people’s livelihood, and therefore should be lifted immediately.

Ambassador Zhang Jun firmly refuted the accusations against China by the US delegate at the meeting. Ambassador Zhang emphasized that China firmly rejects the groundless accusations and blame by the US. China is disappointed that one delegation is abusing the solemn platform of the Security Council to play naming and shaming once again. China has adopted a very constructive and responsible approach in dealing with the Syrian issue, and provided active help. China tried its best to bridge the differences and concerns of Council members, so as to find solutions to provide more humanitarian assistance to Syria.

Ambassador Zhang Jun pointed out that as the world faces an unprecedented public health crisis posed by COVID-19, it is time to demonstrate solidarity, unity and cooperation. China urges the US to stop playing political games and scapegoating, and focus on combating the virus and saving lives. China urges the US to honor its obligations and responsibilities, and support WHO and the United Nations in playing a central role in international cooperation against the virus. China urges the US to actively respond to the ceasefire call of the Secretary-General, and constructively engage in Security Council consultations in order to make sure relevant resolution be adopted as soon as possible. China also urges the US to immediately lift unilateral sanctions upon a number of countries, and avoid bringing more harm to innocent people in those countries.

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