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Ambassador Zhang Jun: Ceasefire Between Palestine and Israel Should be Made as Soon as Possible to Prevent Greater Humanitarian Disasters

2023-10-13 22:48

At the Security Council emergency consultations held on October 13, Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, elaborated on China's position on the current grave situation between Palestine and Israel and called for all efforts for a ceasefire as soon as possible to prevent greater humanitarian disasters.

Ambassador Zhang said that the latest round of conflicts has resulted in massive civilian casualties and humanitarian crises. China condemns all violence and attacks against civilians, and opposes all acts in violation of international law. China reiterates its call on all parties to exercise maximum restraints, and its support for all efforts to realize a ceasefire as soon as possible, so as to prevent further escalation of tensions and the spillover of the flames of war impacting regional and international security.

Ambassador Zhang said that the protection of civilians in armed conflict is a red line under international humanitarian law. The indiscriminate use of force is unacceptable, and neither Palestinian nor Israeli civilians should be targeted. The safety of UN staff and humanitarian workers must be guaranteed.

Ambassador Zhang expressed China’s grave concerns about the consequences of Israel's imposition of a full siege on Gaza and its order of a 24-hour emergency evacuation of the population in northern Gaza. China calls on Israel to heed the appeals of the international community and the UN Secretary-General to stop the collective punishment of the people in Gaza, so as to avoid artificially exacerbating the humanitarian disasters.

Ambassador Zhang said that China supports active discussions on a humanitarian corridor in Gaza and the conclusion of feasible arrangements at an early date, and appreciates the efforts by Egypt and other countries concerned in this regard. China supports diplomatic efforts to ensure that the safety and humanitarian needs of hostages can be guaranteed, and that they can be released and returned home safe and sound as quickly as possible.

Ambassador Zhang pointed out that military means will not solve the Palestinian-Israeli issue. Violence for violence will only lead to an endless vicious cycle. The fundamental way out lies in the early resumption of genuine peace talks to realize the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and the peaceful coexistence of the two States, Palestine and Israel. While addressing the ongoing crisis, the international community must adhere to the fundamental direction of the two-state solution, work for broader consensus, and formulate a timetable and road map to that end.

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that the UN must play its due role, and the Security Council must demonstrate its commitments by quickly forging consensus, sending the message loud and clear, and taking practical measures to promote a ceasefire and prevent humanitarian disasters.

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