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Remarks by Ambassador Geng Shuang at the UN Security Council Briefing on Yemen

2024-06-13 15:15


I thank Special Envoy Hans Grundberg and Ms. Edem Wosornu for their briefings, and welcome the representative of Yemen to this meeting. 

China has always stood for political and diplomatic means to resolve the question of Yemen. We hope that the parties concerned will adhere to the overarching direction of political settlement, actively respond to the peace promotion efforts of the UN and regional countries, jointly promote the Yemeni-led and Yemeni-owned comprehensive political process, and conduct dialogue and negotiations to resolve differences, with a view to achieving reconciliation, restoring internal unity, and launching economic reconstruction at an early date. China supports the mediation by Special Envoy Grundberg and looks forward to the constructive role of all parties, in particular countries having influence on the situation in Yemen. 

We once again call on the Houthis to respect the right of navigation of merchant vessels in the Red Sea waters under international law, stop their attacks and interference, and maintain navigation safety in the Red Sea waters. We call on the parties concerned to exercise restraint and cease any actions that might escalate tensions. 

At present, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is still dragging on, while humanitarian relief remains underfunded. We support the international community in scaling up its humanitarian assistance to Yemen to help alleviate the humanitarian situation there. We hope that donors will honor their pledges as soon as possible. All parties must support the Yemeni Government's efforts for economic development and improvement of people's livelihood. China supports the Secretary-General’s statement and is also gravely concerned about the recent detention of UN personnel in Yemen. We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all UN personnel. 


The situation in Yemen and in the Red Sea is closely linked with the conflict in Gaza. China calls for the full and effective implementation of Council Resolutions 2712, 2720, 2728, and 2735, with a view to achieving an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and effectively deescalating tensions in the region, including the Red Sea. China remains committed to working with the international community to end the fighting, save lives, and achieve peace and stability in the Middle East. 

Thank you, President.

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