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Remarks by Minister-Counsellor Mr. Yao Shaojun at Arria Formula Meeting on Youth, Peace and Security

2020-09-10 01:28


Dear colleagues,

I appreciate Dominican Republic, France and other co-hosts to convene this meeting. I thank USG DiCarlo, USG Lacroix and other youth briefers for their briefings.

Youth stands for the future and hope. Young people play an important role in promoting international peace, security, partnership and sustainable development. Meanwhile, a large number of young people across the globe are still suffering from armed conflicts, terrorism and extremism, poverty and hunger, lack of education, and unemployment.

Extremism grows in marginalization, and social exclusion leads to instability. It is important for the international community to increase investment in youth and to implement Security Council resolutions on YPS, including Resolution 2250, 2419, and 2535. We must stay attentive on the protection and development of young people, help them overcome challenges, and support them in playing a bigger role in advancing social-economic development and world peace and stability. We also need to protect youth from extremism and terrorism incitement. Exchanges and coordination on YPS agenda should be enhanced across UN system to achieve synergy, including in peace operations, in line with respective mandates and Security Council resolutions. We appreciate UN DPPA and DPO for their efforts in this regard.

The international community should also make youth a key driver in the implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and promote peace through development. As the Secretary-General pointed out in his YPS report, the 2030 Agenda is a cornerstone of long-term conflict prevention. Investing in young people and improving inclusiveness is a central component of the 2030 Agenda commitment. Member States need to do utmost in terms of education and vocational training for young people, create employment, lift them out of poverty, so as to lay solid foundation for lasting peace and security.

In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, we must take concrete measures to address its impact on education, employment, and accessibility of health services for youth. We also count on young people to join the pandemic response, help the most vulnerable, and contribute to economic and social recovery.

China has been actively engaged in YPS agenda. As a troop and police contributor of UN peacekeeping operations, China has deployed excellent young peacekeepers, including female peacekeepers, to various UN Missions. We have also carried out youth exchanges and cooperation with many countries and international organizations, including the African Union, the Arab league, and Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Together we launched multiple projects providing scholarships and professional trainings to promote youth innovation and entrepreneurship. It is China's sincere hope that with joint efforts, we can shape a brighter future for all, especially our younger generations.

Thank you.

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