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Ambassador Zhang Jun: Bring the criminal activities of foreign forces stationed in Post-conflict countries to justice

2020-12-03 02:04

On 3rd December, the Security Council held an open VTC meeting on “Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Security Sector Reform”. The permanent Representative of China to the UN, Ambassador Zhang Jun attended the meeting.

Ambassador Zhang said in his statement that security sector reform is an important foundation for achieving lasting peace and sustainable development. The reform should be owned and led by countries concerned. Country-specific strategies should be formulated based on its national conditions and circumstances.

Ambassador Zhang noted that post-conflict countries face security threats such as terrorism, violent extremism, and intercommunal conflicts, and new risks such as cybersecurity, and transnational organized crime. Security sectors of post-conflict countries should conduct reform to raise capacities of early warning, emergency response, counter-terrorism and etc.

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that post-conflict countries face severe challenges posed by the criminal activities of foreign forces stationed on their territories. It is of utmost importance to strengthen the rule of law to bring criminals to justice and eliminate extrajudicial behavior.

Ambassador Zhang also said that an overall development strategy should be drawn up to promote coordinated progress in security sector reform and economic and legal system reforms. Bilateral and multilateral partners must provide active assistance to ensure sufficient and sustained financial resources for security sector reform.

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